Some Health Benefits Of Eating Seafood For Seniors

Health Benefits Of Eating Seafood For Seniors
Written by Nancy

As you age, your bodily functions get weak, making you prone to disease and illness. This means that taking care of your health becomes much more crucial with the advancing years. A significant part of maintaining a sound body and a sound mind is consuming a healthy, well-balanced, diet.

According to this study, seafood is known to have some amazing benefits in maintaining and promoting health. So the next time anybody says you’ve been having too much fish, tell them about all these great benefits of seafood:

Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Dementia is a progressive disease that’s caused by a degenerative neurological disorder. As a result, old aged people start losing their memory gradually and the condition advances with age. Alzheimer’s disease is a kind of dementia that’s been found to be the sixth leading cause of death in U.S. Studies have been conducted to study if the consumption of oily fish can stop the degeneration of brain cells and while the results have been negative for this, nutritionists have reason to believe that it can, however, help slow down the degenerative process. Everyone loses brain cells as they age but the omega-3 fats in the fish can help you retain much of your brain’s density.

Heart Disease

According to the CDC, around 610,000 deaths occur in the U.S. due to heart disease every year. But the good news is that seafood can help keep heart conditions at bay as well. All types of fish can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions. Several studies have proven that fish can also help control the blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. As mentioned above, oily fish has omega-3 fatty acids that can help clean up the plaque in your arteries, thus allowing the heart to pump blood effectively.

Strengthens Bones

Data shows that around 10 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis. However, bone loss can be reduced with controlled consumption of seafood—omega-3s, EPA and DHA are excellent nutrients that help maintain the bone density. Seafood brings down the inflammation in your body, thus preventing chronic pain in the bones and joints. Inflammation is the starting point for many diseases, so avoiding it would in turn protect you from other diseases as well.

Now that we’ve discussed how healthy seafood is, it’s time that you incorporated it into your daily meal. And let us tell you that no fish tastes better than a fresh catch! Join Tag Cabo Sportfishing and become a part of the best deep-sea fishing in Cabo San Lucas. For more information, contact the company today!

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