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What are the Health Risks of Consuming Salt Water

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Written by Nancy

Without a properly installed water filtration system at your home, your drinking water may have salt in it. Despite the public filtration system that all water goes through, certain contaminants manage to get through.

It is recommended that your get a residential water filtration system for your house, otherwise you may be facing the following risks after drinking salt water:

1. Severe Dehydration

The human body needs a certain amount of hydration at all times to stay functioning. That’s why it’s recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

When you drink salt water, your kidneys start processing it quicker in order to get the salt out. Thus, you end up urinating too much, leading to dehydration. Dehydration can land you in the hospital. A salt-free water system can help by ensuring that your water is free of salt at all times.

2. An Increase in Blood Pressure

Sodium plays a significant part in determining your blood pressure. Too much sodium in the body could cause strain on your blood vessels. It might eventually result in heart disease and stroke.

High blood pressure along with dehydration can lead to multi-organ failure. The way to stay safe from such issues is to get a Kinetico residential water treatment system. It’ll not only clean your water of salt but also of any other sediments that might have gotten into your water supply.

3. Deteriorating Appearance

If you’ve seen someone who’s been walking for too long without a drink of water, then you know how drinking salt water will alter your appearance.

The dehydration will lead to a dry and rough look, that’ll start showing on your face before moving to other parts of the body.

This can lead to deterioration of the skin. It is fixable with enough fresh water and skin treatments over time. However, the far better alternative is to prevent skin deterioration in the first place.

A salt-free house water system is an easy option to help you keep yourself in prime shape. Pure water you consume through such a device would also improve your health in other ways.

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