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Healthy Eating for the Tired Soul: A Weight Loss Guide for the Full-Time Sedentary Worker

Written by Nancy

Most of us have full-time jobs. However, most office jobs are sedentary. You sit at your desk in front of a computer for at least 8 hours a day, without much room for physical activity. Such jobs are linked to many health problems like weight gain, eyesight problems, backaches, risk of diabetes, and other health problems.

Often office-going folk try to shed the extra pounds they gain as a result of low physical activity, but often find it difficult to do so because of tight schedules.

On the other hand, much of your weight can be controlled with healthy eating habits. But maintaining a healthy diet is also tricky when you don’t have the time to prepare healthy, nutritious meals for yourself every single day.

Do You Enjoy Your Job?

If you know about emotional eating, you know that we often tend to indulge in foods that aren’t good for us as a coping mechanism. This can really get you to pack on the pounds when you’re not physically active.


Those who are having a hard time at their workplace or generally don’t enjoy the job they’re at often find themselves reaching out for unhealthy snacks as a way to feel better. Carbs are known to give the body energy and therefore eating carb-rich food can comfort you by giving you more energy.

If any of this rings a bell, try to alter your eating habits as much as you can. Additionally, find a healthy outlet for when you’re having bad days at work. If you generally hate the job, try to engage in a hobby, something that gives you more sense of purpose to uplift your mental health.

Healthy outlets for bad days at work could be taking a 5-minute walk, doing a few stretches once or twice a day, or simply sitting down for a couple of minutes as you drink a glass of water to re-focus. Taking a small break from work to collect your thoughts and recharge yourself helps curb the oncoming binges.

Office Sabotage


If you try to eat healthy and eat clean all week at work that pizza your colleague is having starts to look a bit too good for you to not order one for yourself and indulge later.

Work on your will power to say no to such food. Curb your cravings by taking a couple of minutes to contemplate how this moment of indulgence will impact the progress you’ve made so far. You’ll thank yourself in a few months when you see your body change!

Try to stay on track by encouraging your colleagues to start eating healthy with you. Or make a group with colleagues that are already looking to achieve the same health goals and choices as you.

Make The Journey Easier For Yourself

Think about the things you struggle with that stop you from losing weight. If you know you struggle with making sure you have enough water every day, buy yourself a cute bottle just for the motivation! You can also get water bottles with reminders and a small alarm on it to get you to have water every hour or so. Keep a small stash of healthy snacks at your desk, such as dry fruits or granola bars.

Get In Some Exercise Every Day

Even if you’re at work, there are small changes you can make in your routine that can make you more active, burn some calories and feel more energetic.

Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. If the stairs are far too many to climb up all the way, climb a few flights and then take the elevator. Instead of taking a cab from your home to work, walk a while and then take a cab. Keep a fit bit or step counter on to see how many steps you are taking each day.

Every hour or every two hours take a break to get in some exercise. Use the staircase to stretch out. You don’t necessarily need to do a complete workout that‘ll leave you all sweaty. It’s much more convenient to make it a point to do 20 squats or lunges every time you take a break.

Clean Up Your Meals

80% of losing weight depends on what you eat. At the end of the day, you’ll only lose weight if you‘re consuming the right calories and ensuring that the calories you burn are more than the ones you consume. If you think about it this way, a normal 2000-calorie per day diet would take over 3 hours a day of active minutes. You surely won’t have this kind of time on your hands with a hectic nine-to-five job.

Make sure you’re making the right food choices by having nutrient-dense meals and avoiding unhealthy processed food. If you find that you don’t have time to make your own meals, sign up for a meal service, like Eat Your Cake. A meal service will deliver healthy, nutritionally-balanced meals at your doorstep. They provide specialised meal plans depending on your dietary requirements or dietary restrictions.

Eat Your Cake specialises in weight loss meal delivery. Have these meals delivered to your doorstep or workplace and watch the scales drop! Their delicious meals are ready-to-eat and prepared by experienced chefs. If you’re still not convinced, their success stories will surely inspire you to make the change!

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