Helping Your Child Deal with Embarrassment after Head Lice Infestation

Helping Your Child Deal with Embarrassment after Head Lice Infestation
Written by Nancy

Contrary to popular belief, contracting head lice is not the end of your social life or your purpose of existence!

The social stigma surrounding lice has led to us run for covers at the mere mention of the critters.

Dealing with this stigma isn’t always easy especially for children who have to face constant bullying and teasing at school! Embarrassment about their special case results, mixed with revulsion and fear of lice.

Parent’s Edition – How to Deal with This Issue

Educators, healthcare workers, and parents have realized how important it’s to guide children who have head lice when it comes to their head lice infestation. Children must be told and led to believe that lice doesn’t make them a lesser person or even dirty.

A great deal of work is being done to educate children as well as their parents about the causes and risks of head lice. This has substantially decreased level of teasing and harassment witnessed by kids with lice and their parents in school and social settings.

Here’s what parents can do to alleviate feelings of embarrassment in their child regarding this ‘condition’…

Answer Their Questions about Lice

Children are curious creatures. They will wonder why people treat them badly after getting to know of their lice. They will ask questions about head lice and how they got it in the first place!

They can also have other concerns, with head lice treatment and use of chemicals. As questions come up, answer each one calmly and clearly to reassure your child.

Emphasize with Your Child’s Emotions

It’s important to understand lice aren’t dangerous or an indication of bad personal cleanliness or character. It’s also important to remember your child may not understand this and will feel scared or ashamed of this head lice problem!

You must guide your child to overcome these negative feelings and emotions. First of all, you must understand where he or she is coming from!

Imagine the entire experience from their perspective. Think back to the negative emotions you felt as a child with head lice… What were the feelings you felt? Understanding those feelings of isolation, embarrassment and anxiety will help you come up with ways to comfort your child.

Lastly, inform other parents and individuals about this condition and why head lice shouldn’t be considered as a taboo subject anymore. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how head lice are contracted which leads to social stigma…

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