Here’s All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

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Written by Nancy

It’s fair to say that most of us have a bit of a love-hate relationship with our hair. Sometimes, we feel like rocking a chic pixie cut while at other times we swear waist-length extensions are #hairgoals.

We’ve all been there—and guess what? It’s totally okay! This back-and-forth is all part and parcel of being a vivacious, magnificent being who likes to experiment.

If you’re sliding toward getting hair extensions this season, great choice! Though extensions are super trendy, the various styles and methods can get a little overwhelming. When it comes to hair extensions, it’s best to visit a professional hair salon to get top results.

If you’re new to the party, or if it’s been a while, you might be wondering whether to go for sew-ins, micro-link or just forget it all and opt for a fabulous wig instead.

Fret not; here is all you really need to know about hair extensions!

The Main Types


A sew in is applied by braiding hair into a corn row first, then the extensions are added by sewing them in using a needle and thread. (Whoever named this style sure had imagination!).

Best Suited For?

 Sew-ins are best suited for women with gorgeous, thick manes as the style requires a thick layer of hair to mask the extensions.


Also known as micro-beads, this type of extension style is applied by looping the extensions through your natural hair. Then a special clamp or metal bead is used to fix it to small sections of natural hair.

Best Suited For?

This style doesn’t discriminate—all hair textures look dazzling in micro-link extensions.

While there are many more styles, these are by far the most popular ones because of the ravishing yet natural look they give. If you’re not up to having a relatively long sit-in at the salon, consider investing in a wig.  Approach a reputable hair salon and whether you choose extensions or wigs, you’ll look irresistible regardless.

Get Your Dream Hair Extensions

If you’ve decided to play around with your hair, a great salon customers rave about is Easton, PA based Trinity Natural Hair Care.

Their hair extension and wig selection is complete with highest quality, grade 8A, 100% pure virgin, unprocessed hair as well as synthetic hair. The salon provides stellar hair extension services using different lengths and types, standard and customized, to ensure that you get the exact style you want.

If you could use some suggestions before getting started, their hair experts will guide you to pick the right color and length of extensions. The other services they offer include modish hair colors, cuts and more.

Get in touch with them today and redefine your look!

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