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Hindu Astrology: The Science Of Vedic Astrology

Written by Nancy

They say your life falls into place when your stars align—but what if there was a way to map and plan out your life based on astrological guidance to begin with?

Hindu or Vedic astrology is an ancient practice—one that predates written history—that has been helping people live their lives for centuries. Vedic astrologers follow certain patterns and look at constellations, the twelve zodiacs, various complex levels of theory, planetary movement and placement, and lunar movements.

While similar to western and Middle-Eastern astrology in certain ways, there are a few key factors that define Vedic astrology, including:

Moon signs are more definitive than sun signs

Unlike Western astrology practices that conflate ‘star’ signs with ‘sun signs,’ Vedic astrology focuses more on moon signs. This is done because Vedic astrology has a stronger inclination toward lunar movements in general rather than the sun’s position at the time of your birth. It’s important to know this because it will determine many of the events in your life and your general temperament, attitude, and outlook on things.

Shadow planets Ketu and Rahu have a significant role

Rahu and Ketu are two planets that you’ll often see referenced in Vedic astrology, and although they are not physically present, we calculate them as mathematical points. They are derived from significant historical events in the Vedas and have immense astrological impacts, including illness, death, money and financial problems, and more. Knowing their presence in a person’s life is crucial to their success and well-being.

It directs you to a path rather than predicting a future

Life is unpredictable, but knowing you’re making the right decision is important for your future. Vedic astrology is often used in making major life decisions such as starting a family, marriage, career changes, or starting a new business, moving homes, and even constructing or decorating houses. Not only does it help direct and nudge you to the most favorable path, but it also pushes you toward conditions that benefit you.

From how your master bedroom should be set up to who should live in which corner of the home based on their signs, it helps you plan many important events in your life. You don’t find out what happens in your future, in either the long or short-term, but which conditions and decisions will be most effective for you.

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