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The History of Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract
Written by Nancy

Contrary to popular belief, olive leaf extract is not a new supplement. Yes, it’s been making waves in the healthcare community recently, but it goes way back!

Olive leaf extract is one of the oldest alternative medications. Utilized and hailed for its benefits in numerous cultures and for centuries, this extract has been used to treat several ailments, from inflammation to gut problems.

Interested in learning a bit more about its history? We asked the experts at My Olive Leaf to give us some insight into the history of the olive leaf, including how it became the potent supplement that it is today!

A Look Back at the History of Olive Leaf Extract

A revered symbol in numerous cultures and religions, the olive tree was—and still is—regarded as a potent source of healthy nutrients. Used for treating numerous health conditions, such as infections, high blood sugar levels, fevers, pain, and even anxiety, the olive tree used to be thought of as a gift from the Gods!

Ancient Greeks would credit the Goddess of Warfare, Athena, for the plant. The olive tree was even mentioned in the Bible and the Quran, which played no small role in its popularity.

This continued for a long time; eventually, medical professionals in the 1800s started observing its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer cell growth properties.

Advances in Research

The olive leaf extract began being distributed in liquid form for medicinal applications over the course of time. Mainly used as an effective treatment for infections that were linked to malaria, researchers started discovering even more benefits, such as using it to treat blood pressure issues and pain and inflammation related to osteoarthritis.

And it was this interest that led to the discovery of the active and unique compound, ‘oleuropein,’ in the early 1900s.

Scientists found that high levels of oleuropein prevented the growth of fungi and harmful bacteria, and boosted the body’s ability to stimulate circulation, improve immunity, enhance cognitive functions, lower and regulate blood pressure, and improving cholesterol levels as well.

All of these qualities boosted the reputation of olive leaf extract for medical applications enough that it began to be used clinically for other forms of medical care.

Using Olive Oil Extract

Today, this extract is used by countless people as a natural dietary supplement to enhance their immunity, treat infections, control blood pressure and much more.

So if you’re thinking of using olive leaf extract, contact your doctor and find out if you’re a good candidate.

Buy olive leaf extract online from companies like My Olive Leaf and use it to your benefit, and follow the recommended dosage. Take advantage of the age-old supplement and improve your health. Be stronger and wiser!

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