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How Hair Loss Affects Self-Confidence

It’s estimated that nearly 56 million Americans suffer from moderate to severe hair loss in their lifetime. The underlying reasons could be genetics, medical conditions, or a lack of self-care. Whatever the cause, the lack of confidence the condition engenders creates many self-doubts.

Here are some ways in which hair fall can hurt your confidence.

Loss of Sense of Attractiveness

Having thick healthy hair is a marker of attractiveness. Even major Fashion Weeks emphasize integrating upcoming clothing trends with new and editorial hairstyles.

With so much of the mainstream media highlighting your hair, it’s easy to develop a severe sense of unattractiveness as you lose yours.

Many new trends require being experimental with hair, but dyeing and haircuts make the hair appear more brittle and weak. All of this comes together to affect your self-esteem.

Social Isolation

It’s very common to compare yourself to other people. But at the same time, it can make you feel awful about yourself. This can be the driving force that stops you from going out with your friends.

The constant stress of hiding your hair loss can be emotionally exhausting. So much so that it becomes preferable to stay at home to avoid the mental torture.

However, the more we isolate ourselves, the more we get comfortable with not being social. It becomes a vicious cycle of self-doubt and isolation, which can be very difficult to break out of.


Problems build up when you experience a lack of self-confidence and isolate yourself. Feeling of anxiety and depression can stem from self-doubt and push you deeper into negative habits.

You may find yourself stuck in a pattern of overthinking, wondering if people are looking at your thinning hair and further adding to your anxious thoughts. However, it is essential to remind yourself that while hair loss can be upsetting, it is reversible.

If you feel like your hair loss has put a significant dent on your self-confidence, reach out for help! Scalp micropigmentation is a promising hair loss treatment that can make your hair appear fuller and healthier.

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