Hypnosis 101: 5 Facts about Hypnosis You Need to Know


You might have heard about hypnosis in passing. Hypnosis is a technique which today is extensively used for a number of purposes.

Some of these include helping people break unhealthy behavior patterns and support them in addressing problems like insomnia or excessive eating. Hypnosis can also be used to help in recalling memories that may have been suppressed or forgotten.

We’re going to share some facts about hypnosis for those of you who may still be unfamiliar with what it is about!

Fact #1: Hypnosis is Recognized as a Legitimate Treatment for Numerous Conditions

Hypnosis has been used to treat various issues, primarily those that are psychological in nature. It has been used as a treatment modality since the nineteen fifties and has evolved and developed into the science it is today, over the years.

Fact #2: Hypnosis can help with Weight Loss


You might not know this but one of the things hypnosis has been found to treat very effectively, is obesity! It’s successful because hypnosis helps overweight people overcome habits such as binge and stress eating. Great results can also be achieved by hypnotically inducing the effects of a gastric bypass so that those who undergo the hypnotic procedure are not plagued by hunger or mindless eating all the time!

Fact #3: You’re in Control

You might have seen movies and read fiction about hypnotists controlling and manipulating people. This is not how real hypnosis works. Though hypnosis does help us access parts of our psyche that may under normal circumstances be difficult to connect with, you are very much in the driver’s seat!

Hypnotherapists facilitate the process but those undergoing the process are fully conscious and aware of what’s happening around them.

Fact #4: Variation

Powerful hypnosis techniques employed by different practitioners are similar; the effect it has on different clients undergoing the procedure may vary.  It is known that depending on the client as well as the client’s history, what the client experiences during a hypnosis session differs from person to person.  But almost everyone who goes through hypnosis with an experienced and professional hypnotherapist experiences relaxation and a beneficial outcome.

Fact #5: Bypassing the Conscious

When undergoing hypnosis, you are, in a sense, taking a break from your conscious intellect. Your conscious, intellectual mind is a result of your history, conditioning and your personal belief systems. Though this is important in human function, it can sometimes get in the way when we’re working on changing behavior patterns or trying to access certain memories.

Hypnosis allows us to bypass this part of the intellect, giving us direct access to the subconscious. From here, we may either gain information or plant seeds for desired change!

Winding Down

There are other interesting facts about hypnosis that you might want to know about. The ones mentioned here are some of the basics. If you’re interested in hypnosis for personal or professional reasons, you have certain experts in the US specializing in hypnosis and related treatment.

Easy Willpower is an organization founded by Rena Greenberg, a hypnotist and recognized authority on hypnotherapy, weight loss and wellness. The organization helps clients achieve emotional and even physical wellness through various techniques relating to hypnosis working with individuals and other organizations alike.

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