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Ignorance at Work can Make You Sick

Ignorance at Work can Make You Sick
Written by Nancy

For most people, regardless of the industry that employs them, it’s known that ignorance at work can get them fired. Bad enough—but that isn’t the only ill at work here. Ignorance at work can actually result in far more sinister consequences for some—as it does for 86% of the people who die in work-related deaths.

These people didn’t die because of fatal injuries but of fatal diseases. And how they manage to contract these diseases is the focal point of this article. Work-related diseases and disorders come in all shapes and sizes, but this article aims to cover only the most common of these ailments.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Some of the most commonly reported and sustained workplace disorders, these occur in higher rates in industrial and manufacturing arenas. Workplaces which require the use of heavy-duty machinery are, as a rule, more prone to facing these disorders.

They include everything from conditions of the neck and back to the shoulders, arms, and legs. Spinal injuries are never far away when it comes to musculoskeletal complications. These complications usually cause injuries to joints and tissues. Common complaints include aches, pains, sprains, etc. In severe conditions, chronic pain and even disability are sustained.

Usually caused by fast-paced, repetitive work without breaks in between, shoddy work conditions, and improper handling of loads can also result in musculoskeletal complications.

Skin Diseases

Skin Diseases

The chemical, biological, and physical factors of a work environment can cause serious harm to a person’s skin if due care and timely action are not taken. These diseases are more common in biological-industrial fields or in industrial arenas that involve exposure to chemicals.

While not wearing gloves while entering a facility might seem like it’s not a big deal, it could cause serious complications in the long term. The cause is the exposure of one’s skin to harmful bacteria and fungi, irritants, and acnegenic agents. In the worst case scenario, skin parasites might even be the culprits—especially in humid, agricultural-industrial fields.

Additionally, while most of the workforce might not be affected by a certain chemical substance, one person still might. Allergies are not uncommon and need to be vetted in order to ensure that no worker might face adverse after-effects upon exposure to certain substances.

Biological Agents

Several biological agents such as fluids and soils which seem otherwise innocuous can actually cause severe complications. People working in agriculture, labs, sewage, and as vets are often exposed to body fluids etc. which might cause harm to them if they don’t take care. It’s vital to wear protective gear and garment whenever near or around such substances. In the event that a disease does happen the patient has much to gain if they know the cause for concern.


Definitely the biggest bomb on this list and the most concerning, workplaces can cause cancer is safety procedures are not followed. People working in industries which expose them to radiation and noxious chemicals are likelier to extract cancer at the workplace. Marie Curie, for example, died due to long years of exposure to radiation. Cancer could similarly be caused.


Last but not the least, workplaces don’t have to be literally toxic the way Mary Curie’s was. They can be toxic in other ways which can result in stress and anxiety. Common symptoms include a general disinclination to keep working, disinterestedness, etc.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention is Better than Cure

At Metro Safety, we believe that with due caution and adherence to safety procedures and protocols, numerous illnesses can be prevented. By simply knowing how to behave or respond in a certain situation many mishaps can be avoided.

As they say, a nick in time saves nine—and workplace safety courses in time can save much in the long-term. Give us a call at 604-521-4227 or get in touch to give your workers the training they deserve. We have been offering first aid courses Richmond and first aid courses in other nearest cities since 2008 across Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Richmond, and Surrey

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