Important Reasons Why Alcohol And Cosmetic Surgery Shouldn’t Be Mixed Together

Written by Nancy

Surgeons advise against drinking and eating for around 12-24 hours for people undergoing a major surgery shortly.

This is more pertinent for invasive surgeries as opposed to non-invasive ones.

Expert surgeons recommend refraining from alcohol for at least 24-48 hours before invasive surgery and longer than 2 weeks after surgery. This will promote fast healing.

Other than that, drinking alcohol especially after invasive bariatric surgery can:

Increase Swelling

Swelling is a common effect after cosmetic surgery, but it’s temporary, i.e. your body will return to normal after some time. Drinking or any remnants of alcohol in your body will slow the healing process and dilate blood vessels which cause swelling. It can make you feel bloated, especially around the nose.

Causes Dehydration

Alcohol dries out the skin, as we urinate more frequently when drinking, especially in excess. This leads to dehydration and unattractive skin. The results of facial cosmetic surgery can be ruined due to this reason.

Makes You Feel Nauseated

It isn’t a new concept to understand if you ever had a normal, drunken night on an empty stomach. Did you know anesthetic used in surgical procedures already lowers a person’s gag threshold limit?

Adding to that, alcohol sensitizes the brain; that in turn makes us feel noxious. This means by drinking alcohol after surgery, we increase chances of vomiting. Any strain to the body may cause bleeding, especially in a tummy tuck operation.

Medications Can Have Adverse Reaction

Drinking alcohol when taking certain medications can have an adverse effect on your body, which can also be fatal!

You will be prescribed pain killers after surgery that might not only dull effect of the essential medication but prove to be detrimental to your health and well being. Medication mixed with alcohol can cause bleeding, vomiting, nausea and much more.

It’s important to prioritize your health over everything else, especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

Your assigned doctor will tell you what you should or shouldn’t do before and after surgery. You merely have to follow those instructions to the letter. You can always celebrate your new body with a tall glass of wine, after the recommended abstinence period is completed.

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