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Improve Your Sex Life with These Foods, Herbs, and Exercises for Men

Written by Nancy

It’s completely normal to be stuck in a sex rut at some point in your life. It happens to the best of us. You may have taken steps to counter it, like emotionally connecting with your partner, calming your mind, reading up on sexual inhibitors, and the like. Sometimes, none of these seem to improve your level of arousal and desire, or even endurance. If these issues seem to be consistent even when you and your partner are intimate, and you’re generally in a good mood with low stress, you should consider making changes that target your bodily health, circulation and hormone levels.

Here’s how you can improve your sex life with foods, herbs, and exercises.


Herbs are a fantastic natural remedy for sexual health problems. They can dramatically boost male sexual desire and performance if consumed on the regular. Herbs help support the body’s hormonal balance, blood circulation, and healthy tissue.

Studies have shown that ginseng has profound effects on male reproductive function. Ginseng has long been reputed as an aphrodisiac and has been a staple in traditional Chinese medical practices to improve sexual behaviour. Blend ginseng with other herbs for the best possible benefits.

If endurance, energy, and proper recovery are your issues, consider herbal blends that include maca, ginkgo biloba, and wild oats. These herbs help improve cardiovascular health, enhance blood flow to the genitals, and may boost dopamine levels.

What to Eat and What Not to Eat

One of the reasons behind the onset of aging-related erectile dysfunction is oxidative stress. This makes antioxidants crucial for prevention and remedy. Eat antioxidant-rich foods like berries, black plums, red grapes, beans, beets, cabbage, pecans, spinach, dark chocolate, and kale.

You also need to get a healthy amount of zinc in your body. It is closely linked to healthy sperm and testosterone production as well as proper prostate health. Eat foods like brown rice, quinoa, oats, nuts, seeds, shellfish, lobster, crab, legumes, and mushrooms.



Aerobic exercises are vital for improving and maintaining overall cardiovascular health. According to a systematic review conducted on erectile dysfunction research studies, 160 minutes of weekly exercise for six months decreased erectile problems in men with erectile dysfunction. Practicing regular and consistent aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, dancing, and brisk walking can help improve libido, erections, and orgasm.

If you follow these tips and find your sex life changing for the better, you should consider charting a path to educate yourself on the value of and ways that natural and holistic wellness and nutrition can benefit you.

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