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Integrative Medicine: Five General Benefits

The medical world has been evolving in an attempt to determine and create newer and more effective ways to facilitate health and well-being.

Integrative medicine is a form of treatment that focuses on providing holistic care. This is far more efficient than conventional Western medicine since it addresses everything: the mind, body, and spirit.

Why Look into Integrative Medicine?

An in-depth study published by the National Institutes of Health states that integrative medicine has been proven to be a potent treatment option for several medical conditions. These include physical conditions such as chronic pain, gastrointestinal complications, and more.

The study goes on to state that it is also an effective way to address mental health concerns such as stress, depression, and even illnesses as complicated as cancer.

Apart from being a powerful and all-encompassing medical philosophy, integrative medicine offers other benefits, some of which are listed below:

It’s About What Really Works as Opposed to Sticking to a Single Approach

Conventional medicine may sometimes be limited since its theories and techniques spring from a limited body of knowledge.

Integrative medicine draws on a bigger body of medical wisdom. It encompasses theories and techniques developed from various medical philosophies, including those which conventional medicine draws from.

An integrative medical practitioner will put together whatever works best for the patient using numerous forms of carefully selected treatments and therapies.

All treatment is Patent Specific

Patient-specific care and treatment are two of the things that make integrative medicine so effective. Though a number of people may suffer from the same illness, the treatment for each may differ in approach, therapy, and healing techniques.

As opposed to using a one-size-fits-all approach, integrative medicine begins by understanding the patient as a whole. Everything from a patient’s height and weight to their rates of metabolism and general temperament is considered relevant.

Based on this understanding, the practitioner develops a specialized and patient-focused treatment plan. The plan encompasses combination therapies and techniques for that specific client.

Integrative Medicine takes All Aspects of Health into Account

As you may know, many otherwise effective medical treatments come with dreadful side effects—such as chemo or radiation therapy. While both help reduce malignant growth, they also end up causing serious damage to other aspects of a patient’s health.

Integrative medicine offers treatments that take into account all aspects of the patient’s health. It isn’t about simply healing the parts that have been affected visibly, but also addressing the patient as a whole. The treatment offered is meant to benefit everything that the illness may have damaged, including potential causes for said illness.

Better Living

Though treatments offered by an integrative medical practitioner can help treat a specific problem, they usually help the patient across the board. Since treatments are also about making lifestyle adjustments, they improve the patient’s overall quality of life.

Early Prevention

Apart from addressing your most pressing needs, an integrative medical practitioner will also help you prevent future health complications. Much of what we suffer from manifests over years of unknowing, self-abuse, and living in a way that does not suit us.

Sickness is in a sense our body’s way of telling us that enough damage has been done. By utilizing certain therapies and making the recommended changes, patients who make use of integrative medicine have a better chance of steering clear of future complications.

The Upshot

Medicine has made serious progress, and holistic doctors the world over are finding cures that some of us may never have imagined. You have integrative medical centers in America offering treatment that provide holistic treatment.

Vitality Integrative Medicine is a medical clinic that offers effective integrative treatment and therapies to patients and clients in Burbank, Encino and Sherman Oaks, LA. Holistic doctors at the clinic provide effective treatment for illnesses including cancer and Lyme disease, and offer other health and wellness options such as IV drip therapy.

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