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Joint Replacement Surgery — Rehabilitation and Long-Term Recovery

Written by Nancy

Over 130,000 joint replacement surgeries are performed in Canada each year. 6.9% of these surgeries are for knee revisions, and an estimated 8.2% are for hip replacements.

In either case, patients experience better mobility and joint functioning after the procedure. However, the process can be painful, and recovery can take a long time.

Recovery and rehabilitation timelines also vary according to the type of procedure and the patient’s medical history.

The Post-Surgery Phase:

Usually, patients are wheeled into the recovery room after surgery, with their vital signs being monitored as the anesthesia wears off. The medical staff then makes sure that the patient can breathe normally and there isn’t any mucus formation in the lungs

The First Day Post-Surgery:

Joint replacement surgery isn’t a miracle procedure with immediate results. Most patients experience acute pain and exhaustion during the first couple of days.

The hospital staff dispenses pain medication and administers ice packs to the area to bring down the inflammation and swelling. They also provide compression bandages to prevent dangerous blood clots that can occur after surgery.


The First Week Post-Surgery:

In order to regain strength and promote healing, its important for the patient to begin moving their joints soon after surgery. Physical therapists help patients with specific exercises that promote movement and blood circulation throughout the body to encourage cell regeneration.

The patients can start moving as soon as the first day after surgery with the help of various aids.

Long-Term Recovery:

Patients are allowed to go home the very next day in case of a minimally invasive procedure. However, after open joint replacement surgery, patients need to stay in the hospital for at least three to four days.

The rehabilitation process can be long, but patients can expect dramatic improvements within a few short months. However, successful results also depend on how well the patient follows the prescribed rehabilitation activities including taking the medication and doing regular exercise.

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