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How To Keep That Louse Off The Game Field

How To Keep That Louse Off The Game Field
Written by Nancy

With summer just around the corner, you might be planning to put together a sports team for yourself, your children, or the school. By fall, you’ll be prepped and ready for the big game—provided everything goes smoothly. And a particular member of your team might not let that let that happen—head lice.

We’ll call this member of the team Louis. Louis was once in someone else’s hair, someone not on the team. Maybe a team member’s little brother or sister. They came in to practice one morning, with Louis, and proceeded to go on about their usual schedule—doing warm-ups, listening to the coach reviewing performance, and so on.

Now it’s possible that Louis got transferred to the headgear they wore for game, and moved to the hair of the other person who wore it the next day. Or maybe the practice well particularly well, and while everyone huddled up for a celebratory selfie, Louis decided to switch heads.

And just like that, a lice outbreak took off.

Keep Louis Away

A lice infestation always starts small, and before you know it, the entire team is scratching their heads, distracted during practice and the game. A couple of team members even miss practice while dealing with a head lice treatment.

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Needless to say, head lice prevention is imperative for sports teams, especially school sports team. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports over 6 million cases of lice infestations amongst children in the U.S. ever year.

Remember, Louis ruins everything. Don’t let that happen by following these helpful tips:

Avoid switching helmets and hats

Each member of the team needs to have their own headgear. Lice don’t survive for too long out of hair, but long enough to latch on to the hair that goes inside the hat or helmet. In fact, it’s best not to share anything that touches hair, such hair bands, scarves, brushes, etc.

Have a careful selfie session

Selfies can be blamed for lice outbreaks amongst people, particularly children and teens. While it’s okay to take that Instagram-worthy snap on the morning sunlit field, make sure to limit the head-to-head contact.

Avoid hiding information

Talking about head lice, especially your lice, is never easy. It is best when teammates are open about that fact that they’re going through a lice epidemic, so that others around them can keep themselves safe.

Professional lice screenings and removals help

A lice screening can determine which team members are safe from lice and which need treatment. Lice Troopers offers lice screening services to schools and camps in various part of Florida and. The professional lice treatment service also offers quick, safe and best hair lice removal. Reach out to them at 800-403-5423 to book a discreet and meticulous screening for your team.

Good luck with the game, and don’t forget to keep Louis away!

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