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Keto Diets and the First Signs of Progress

Written by Nancy

The keto diet is probably one of the more popular diets when it comes to quick weight loss.

Following a simple regime of a high-in-fat, low-in-carb diet, it programs your body to convert fat into energy, instead of carbs into sugar.

However, starting this regime, and maintaining it until results finally start showing is not something that many are able to accomplish. Not because of the hard work involved, but because they don’t anticipate many of the biological adaptations that the body goes through.

Signs you’ll Notice in the First Month of Ketosis and What You Should Do

1. Bad Breath

Yes, your mouth will stink even after a thorough brushing. Unfortunately, it’s a common side effect of elevated ketone levels in the body, specifically acetone which exits your body through your breath and urine.

The only way to combat this is by chewing gum, take less protein and drink more water. The bad breath will soon go away in about a week or a month, based on how you balance your macronutrients.

2. Suppressed Appetite


Your appetite reduces because your body receives more protein and vegetables, which alter your hunger hormones. In addition, when the ketones are produced, this affects your brain which causes it to reduce appetite. This is a more welcome sign of ketosis since you’re able to feel full without the urge to binge.

3.  Weight Loss

Keep in mind though that this weight loss isn’t due to fat loss, but water and carb loss. After your body loses this initial water weight, you will continue to see more weight loss consistently. However, you’ll need to maintain your diet and stay in calorie deficit to see this happen.

4. Increased Focus

Because your body is depending on fats rather than carbs, this switch in your body’s source of energy affects your brain’s capacity i.e. it takes a bit of time for your brain to get used to it. During this time, you go through brain fog. However, when your body finally adapts, ketones work as a better fuel source. Thus, you benefit from increased brain function and energy, as well as stabilized blood sugar levels.

5. Short Term Fatigue

With this increased energy and focus, you will feel some weakness as well. But this is quite natural. Your brain might have adapted to this new source of energy but your body will take a bit of time. It will adapt in the first month, but during this time, you’ll need to give yourself extra energy by upping your electrolyte supplement intake.

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