How Kinesiology Helps Identify Root Causes of Health Problems

Written by Nancy

“There are a thousand hacking away at the branches of evil and just one who is striking at the roots” – Henry David Thoreau…

Very often, we do the same when treating a medical condition or issue that affects overall health. Treating the symptoms is well and okay but if we think about the bigger picture, treating causes of the common cold won’t promise a repeat episode!

You will have another bout of cold and flu even after taking all medicines that supposedly cure the problem.Take all the preventative measures and treatments but it is all for naught if the root cause isn’t addressed!

This is how kinesiology helps people…. Identifying root causes of health problems.

But you won’t believe it until you try for yourself!

Kinesiology – the Art of Disassociating From Disharmony

Disharmony is all around us. This feeling is responsible for making us feel disconnected from our own body and how it should work!

Kinesiology effectively helps address causes of disharmony and disconnection, works to improve connection with mind and body, and helps identify root causes of the problem.

How exactly does kinesiology work? It is the gentle art of muscle testing, meant to locate energetic imbalances within the body. Our natural flow the life force energy can easily move unrestricted throughout the body, replenishing the organs, glands and meridians.

Balance and homeostasis to an individual’s health as well as wellbeing is coveted with kinesiology…

Additionally, this practice encourages balance and harmony in all areas – psychological, physiological, and physical.

How Does Kinesiology Help Identify Root Causes of Issues?

Practitioners of kinesiology believe the human body has the innate ability to heal. This healing ability can be focused and increased, helped to target problem areas of the body.

However everyday stresses (both internal and external) affect us. The body needs to be helped into a better situation in order to gain back its natural healing ability.

Kinesiology taps into the innate healing energy that conventional medical modalities often overlook and are unable to treat.

In its essence, kinesiology doesn’t look at the symptoms but beyond – mostly concerned with imbalances and the best way to right those. Kinesiology doesn’t look at the symptoms of the cold therefore doesn’t even come up with a diagnosis or treatment plan!

The best cure for any ailment or condition maybe prevention but isn’t it better to identify and treat the underlying causes of something that bothers us? Want to know just how kinesiology changes lives and general wellbeing for the better?

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