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Laser Therapy and Pain Management—What You Need to Know

Pain Management
Written by Nancy

With the number of opioid consumers steadily increasing across Canada, there is a widespread, institutional awareness and alarm over the rise of addiction rates. As the second leading consumer of opioids globally, professionals in Canada are looking towards alternate treatments for pain management. 

There has been a high prevalence of prescribing pain medication like opioids to treat conditions like chronic pain, back pain and arthritis. This puts individuals at the risk of developing dependency as well as several fatal incidents related to opioid consumption.

As a result, health professionals are looking for alternative therapies. These include physical therapy, chiropractic care and occupational therapy.

Laser therapy is the newest and most innovative alternate therapy approved by the FDA to help those who want to manage chronic lower back pain.

Are you considering this treatment option to manage your pain? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Which type of laser is the best?

The only laser in the market which is approved by the FDA, has gone through various and comprehensive clinical trials and can be used for pain management is the FX365.

How does it work?

This laser can be used to target specific regions in the back and offers precision with is laser diode arms that can zero in on the musculoskeletal center of the pain inflicted region. It can help significantly reduce inflammation in the area by promoting bio-stimulation in the cells.

What are the benefits of using laser therapy for pain management?  

Laser therapy has helped many people around the world by improving the quality of their life. This is because laser therapy has a wide range of benefits. These include:

Widespread application for acute and chronic conditions

Irrespective of whether the pain is caused by an immediate injury or the patient has been experiencing chronic pain, laser therapy is effective for both. Acute injuries benefit more because they help reduce inflammation immediately which speeds up the healing process.

Customized treatment

There are versatile treatment options with different kinds of lasers and this gives clinicians the flexibility to deal with varying scenarios. For example, it is advisable to transmit off-contact treatment for over the bone pain areas.

Deep tissue pain such as in the hamstring benefit from more penetrative laser attachments such as the on-contact massage ball.

Reducing pain and inflammation

With the process of photobiomodulation, laser therapy targets the cytochrome c complex to trigger the metabolic rate within the cell structure.

This reduces pain and inflammation without any unfavourable side effects.

The pain relief lasts a longer time and the treatments are relatively faster as opposed to medications.

It’s time for you to try alternative therapies to manage your pain. You can also complement laser therapy with chiropractic care right here in Calgary, at Divergent Healthcare. Book an appointment for yourself or a loved one to take the first step towards a healthier, pain-free life.

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