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Last-Minute Hair Dilemmas That Can Ruin Your Night

Written by Nancy

Imagine this scenario: You’re brushing your beautiful golden locks, waving them around as you style them with hair gel, and you’re browsing through a magazine with the latest hairstyles. You’re getting ready to go on your dream date with your crush. You want to look perfect, your absolute best, dressed to impress.

Except…in the midst of brushing, you spot a creepy, crawly parasite struggling on your dresser, trying to get away. Not only is it shocking, it’s embarrassing and can lead to an awkward date where your date suddenly remembers that he forgot to lock his house, or take out the trash…or something like that.

It seems that hair problems always occur at the last moment. The blow dryer fizzled your hair, the new hair product you tried just turned your hair into a puffy mess.

Not only do you look like a Jimi Hendrix replica (minus the awesome guitar skills), you have to deal with hair damage.

But everyone has faced some kind of hairdo problems at the last minute. And one of them is finding out you have head lice!

So what can you do about the problem? Surely, you can’t cancel your date or show your face with lice dangling from the strands of your hair!

Rest assured, there are a few measurements that can be taken to save the night. Here’s what you can do:

Tie Your Hair in a Bun

One of the blessings of having long hair is that you can tie them in a bun. How does that help, you ask? Well, for one thing, you comb your hair back and seal your scalp. Your hairs act like a wall and block the lice from manifesting themselves. They can crawl all they want but a tight hair bun stops them from squeezing through and showing themselves.

 Wear a Hair Band

Wear a nice, fancy hair band. This will help cover half of your hair, including the center. The ears and the center of your head are where lice love to hang out. So wearing a hair band helps cover the problem. In addition, if you’re itchy, you have the perfect excuse to ‘adjust’ your hair band!

Lice Removal Services are the Answer!

The last step is to schedule an appointment with a lice removal service. Lice clinics have experts who are certified and skilled. They will be able to assess the problem and will use natural products to get rid of the critters that are the cause of your nightmares.

Lice Busters USA are head lice removal service in Key Biscayne that offer free head lice screening, in-home treatments, and home inspection. They use natural products and special combs to get rid of nits and lice. Feel free to call them at 800-405-8201 for an appointment or questions/queries!




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