Leading Healthcare Apps Every Patient Should Know About

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Technological advancements have impacted every aspect of our lives, from leisure to healthcare. The dependence on technology increased with a surge in COVID-19 cases all over the world.

The spread of the pandemic made it difficult for patients to attend doctors’ appointments, and they had no choice but to resort to diagnose their problems via the internet. However, the abundance of resources on the Internet makes it difficult to filter which information is authentic and which is a hoax.

The introduction of healthcare apps has made it difficult for patients to diagnose and understand their health problems through a credible and verified source.

Keep reading this article to learn more about some leading healthcare apps you should be aware of.


With an increase in prescribed medical marijuana to treat various physical and mental health issues, there’s a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the controversial plant.

With more than 200,000 positive ratings, Leafly is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of cannabis-related information. The healthcare app bridges the gap between patients and doctors, dispensaries, and clinics with a simple click.

The app educates the users about thousands of different strains and their uses, and lab-sourced data back all their recommendations.

Generis: DNA & Nutrition

Generis is undoubtedly the most well-known healthcare app available. The app has an easy-to-use interface and educates patients about their issues through their genes.

The app provides fitness recommendations, food ideas, nutrition requirements, supplement recommendations, and more based on the user’s DNA.

Generis believes everyone has their own unique needs and helps patients become the best version of themselves.


Teladoc allows patients to connect with a board-certified doctor any time of the day. While most healthcare apps provide a list of healthcare professionals, Teladoc allows patients to search for a specialist who deals with the exact disease they might be suffering from.

It takes 24 hours or less to set an appointment on Teladoc and saves patients the hassle of waiting for days or weeks to set a doctor’s appointment.

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Reach Out To IHBR Center To Achieve Effective Patient-Physician Communication

Clear communication between doctor and patient can help improve the quality of healthcare provided and help patients understand their issues.

The IHBR Center is a leading avenue that promotes the idea of facilitating patient-doctor communication. It’s a one-stop platform for patients and doctors to access a wide range of online medical books related to Communication Skills in Clinical Practice and doctors’ training. Contact them to learn more today!


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