Learning the Truth Behind 3 ED Myths

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Written by Nancy

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is also known as male impotence. Nine times out of ten, ED is caused by at least one underlying physical issue that may or may not be fatal. In any case, men are usually afraid to talk about this issue, turning instead to the Internet, where there’s no shortage of misinformation.

Keep reading to take the ‘mis-‘ out of your ‘truths’.

1.    ED is a Failure to Get Hard

In defining ED as an inability to obtain an erection, you’re missing out on an important fact: ED isn’t one single issue but a duo of issues. As a matter of fact, someone with ED may have one or both of the following problems.

  • Trouble obtaining an erection.
  • Trouble getting hard enough for penetration.

The second point, in particular, covers even those situations where you might notice flaccidity to your erections, which could be an early sign of ED.

2.    ED is an Age-Related Problem

ED is an age-related problem, but only to a certain extent. Even though you’ll statistically find more of this issue in older men, you cannot ignore the fact that more older men also proactively seek medical treatment for it.

The age myth related to ED has fed into this stigma that younger men can’t have it, leading to the latter quietly suffering under the problem for fear of judgment. As a result, you’ll see fewer younger men willing to show up at a urologist’s office with suspected ED, and therefore, fewer official diagnoses overall.

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3.    ED is Mostly About Your Psyche

Ninety per cent of the men who suffer from ED have at least one underlying physical issue that’s directly or indirectly affecting their ability to achieve and keep erections. Since a large part of getting hard involves redirecting blood flow to your penis, any one, two, or more of the following issues may be an impediment.

  • Medication
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Smoking
  • Chronic diseases
  • Hypertension

Psychological factors only take up 10 percent of the total cases of ED, which is only a fraction of the total ED cases.

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