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Lice Treatment Options In The Market – Their Pros and Cons

Lice Treatment Options In The Market – Their Pros and Cons
Written by Nancy

The worst thing that can happen to parents while waiting for schools to reopen in Florida is a head lice scare. It’s a fact, it doesn’t take long for an infestation to take over and get out of hand! All it takes is a few un-hatched nits and a week or two of incubation period.

Just discovered live lice crawling in your daughter’s silky straight hair? Don’t panic just yet! There are a lot of options that can help you get rid of this abomination, once and for all! Of course lice-infested you’ll have to keep treating your child depending on the chosen method.

Which lice removal treatment option really works? Following are some of the most common lice removal methods as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Make the right choice!

OTC Lice Removal Solutions

Unfortunately, this is a very popular method for lice removal. Widely available in local drugstore, frustrated and stressed out parents purchase bottles of OTC head lice removal shampoos and other solutions.

These lice removal solutions are formulated with chemicals and pesticides as the active ingredients that kill lice. These chemical-based treatments usually require repeat application in a week to 10 days.

Disadvantages – There are a lot of disadvantages of applying chemical-based solutions like Nix and Rid. The first one is quite simple to understand. Chemicals found in these lice removal solutions are harmful and quite toxic. Sometimes more dangerous than the pest itself! Secondly, nits or lice eggs aren’t killed at all.

Advantages – The disadvantages of OTC lice removal solutions outweigh the advantages (there aren’t many). These shampoos and solutions can be found cheaply and from any drugstore.

DIY Lice Removal Remedies

Informed parents do make a conscious effort not to expose their lice-infested children to toxic chemicals. However, the alternative they choose isn’t better – if not slightly worse. Many essential oils are considered natural louse repellants, ideal for prevention.

Other substances easily found in the household like mayonnaise, Listerine, Cetaphil etc are used to suffocate lice in the head.

Disadvantages – Lice cannot be killed by suffocation! This has been said again and again by professional lice removal specialists. Additionally, parents run the risk of accidental harm to their children.

Advantages – The only advantage of DIY lice removal remedies is these can be found easily in the household, whenever a requirement is felt.

Another lice removal technique is often disregarded—manual lice and nit removal with the help of a special metal comb! The main reason why parents cringe at the idea of spending hours combing out nits and eggs is the time needed for a thorough comb-out session.

Make your life easier by taking your lice problems to Lice Troopers; a Miami based professional lice removal service.

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