Losing Weight through Breastfeeding: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Begin NOW

Written by Nancy

If you think breastfeeding is just about providing your baby with essential nutrition or because you need to keep up with the tradition that mothers around the world follow, think again: because breastfeeding is so much more. It has in fact, connections with weight loss and slimming—you’ll be surprised to find out.

1.     It Improves Your Baby’s Health

Breast milk, unlike regular milk, isn’t just a source of calcium for the child. It’s a comprehensive channel of nutrients in exactly the right quantities. It is essential to promote adequate growth in the child (thus helping you fight the potential menace of stunting), and is greatly beneficial for your baby’s health.

2.     You’re Strengthening Your Baby’s Immune System

Breast milk doesn’t require pasteurization since it’s always clean, and most importantly, it comes laden with antibiotics to protect the child against harmful germs and bacteria. It is thus conducive to building your baby’s immune system.

3.     Train Your Muscles—Tone Your Body

Breastfeeding keeps your muscles constantly under strain, which is highly effective in terms of slimming down. Train your muscles to contract into your stomach which assists your body in toning down and helps your abdominal muscles gain better posture.

4.     Burn Calories—Lose Weight

The constant muscle movement, the contraction and toning, both lead to the burning of calories—which is the number one requisite in terms of losing weight. Through breastfeeding you’re in effect speeding up the process of losing weight, and are effectively inching closer to your goal of slimming down. Since you’re no longer carrying, it’s even easier for you to work more rapidly towards weight loss.

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5.     Build a Deeper Connection with Your Baby

We know that it’s often natural for you to get a different woman (often called midwives, or surrogate mothers) to breastfeed for you—at times because some health complication inhibits you from carrying out the task, which makes complete sense—but if there’s no obligation, we suggest that you get to doing the task yourself. We know that there’s a taboo and a general negative connotation attached with the act, but rest assured that it’s beneficial for both you and your baby. And we don’t just mean this from a physical, slimming-down point of view—nor from the nutritional value that it has for your child. We mean in terms of harboring a psychological connection with your child, which is often furthered and strengthened when you breastfeed your own child yourself. And this isn’t just plain speculation—it’s been proven through science and research that breastfeeding is essential to developing a better bond with the child.

Get a Breastfeeding Pump to Speed Up the Process

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