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Low Libido in Older Woman: A Complete Guide

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Written by Nancy

A lower or, in some cases, completely absent libido is a common issue that a lot of women face when they get older. With about 40% of women reporting a drop in their libido, the change in lifestyle and personal habits over the age of 60may cause distress to the affected when they’re unprepared.

While it’s quite normal for both women and men to gradually experience a decrease in their libido, women are more susceptible to this happening and can face a decline in their sex drive at twice or even three times the rate at which a man would.

What Causes a Reduced Sex Drive?

The actual reason behind the drop can vary from one woman to another, but common factors can include biological changes, environmental aspects, and even social settings. One of the leading reasons for many women could be the onset of menopause, especially if it was abrupt menopause due to a surgical or medical procedure.

The reduction of both testosterone and estrogen, coupled with the discomfort of menopause, can be a deterring factor for a lot of older women when it comes to having sex.

Other major factors that can affect your libido can include body image issues, stress and fatigue, and even medical conditions like erectile dysfunction in your partners.

While these factors may not be medical causes, they can still create a strong psychosomatic response that can cause women to either subconsciously repress their libidos or rendering them unmotivated to engage in sexual activity.

Should You be Worried?

A steady decline in libido and sexual activity with age is often not too big a problem for many women and has little to no effect on their lives.

For some, however, the declining libido causes emotional stress as it can lead to a general dissatisfaction with the change in life style and discomfort with one’s own sexuality. Other major troubling factors are relationship stressors amongst married women due to their partners’ expectations for sexual activities.

How to Improve your Libido?

There are a number of different ways to get low libido treatment. You can choose to get sexual or marriage counseling to help you. You and your partner could also openly address and discuss these issues to figure out how you’d like to move forward.

You canopt to receive medical drugs that will boost your sex drive orhormone therapy.

If you’re looking to get hormone therapy Bethesda, visit low libido doctors at TaviCare, who can help you find the reason behind your low libido and suggest the best course of action on treatments.

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