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The Magic of Massage: 5 Things Regular Massage Therapy Can Do For You

Massage therapy

What’s not to love about massages! They’re a great way to unwind relax and pamper yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a hot stone, Thai, lomi lomi massage or any other massage. Massages in general are evolved to make you feel good!

Is Massage just a Feel Good Thing?

Yes and no. Though massage is most definitely something that makes you feel good, it has many other benefits. These benefits are medically and scientifically endorsed so there is little doubt with regard to their authenticity.

How does it Work?

Massages are holistically beneficial for our bodies. Though we might not list all of them, we’re going to provide you with five scientifically proven benefits of regular massage therapies. Here they are:

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Stress Relief

We’re not talking about physical stress here. We’re talking about psycho-emotional stress. In our fast paced lives we often find it hard to pause and pull back.

Massages have a way of putting us in a more mindful space. We are able to slowdown and distance ourselves from the rigmarole of day to day living. This allows us to gain perspective by slightly removing ourselves from often stressful situations. Apart from this, massages encourage the natural release of serotonin—the neurotransmitter responsible for making you feel good.

Ups Immunity

Stress and immunity are directly related. High stress levels result in reduced immunity in individuals. Lowering stress levels does the opposite. By reducing stress and making you feel at ease, massage actually gives your immune system a jump-start and hence a boost!

Pain, Discomfort and Mobility

Different massages address various muscular and structural pressure and stress points across your body. When masseuses work on these points, they help loosen the body loosen up and promote blood flow to the affected area. This helps get rid of toxins and provides the area with oxygen hence eliminating pain and discomfort. This in turn helps greatly improve overall bodily mobility as well.

Skin Tone and Posture

Believe it or not, massage actively improves both your skin tone and posture. Your skin looks fresher and better hydrated due to the increased flow of fresh oxygen rich blood. Easing sore muscles helps put them back in proper working order. This results in an overall bettering of your bodily posture!


Last but not least, massages are refreshing. They serve to rejuvenate and recharge us, improve circulation and heal our aches and bodily ailments. All this tends to leave one feeling refreshed and ready to take life by the horns, yet again with strength renewed!


Need we say more? Massage isn’t just good for you— it’s great! Get out there, check out your options and book that massage session! If you’re located in Zug and are looking for a professional bodywork treatments in zug, there are a number of services you could choose from!

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