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How to Make the Best Out of Social Distancing

Written by Nancy

Many countries around the world are now advising their citizens to practice social distancing. This advice attempts to “flatten the curve” of those infected by the COVID-19. Social distancing has been shown to work in preventing the mass community transmission of the virus. Social distancing involves canceling all travel plans, staying indoors as much as possible, and keeping a distance from other people.

However, it’s not easy to stay indoors day in and day out. For a lot of people, their routine and the ability to go outdoors helps them keep their mental health stable. The constant barrage of pandemic-related news can also cause a lot of worries. This is why you should try and focus on making the best out of the situation.

Catch Up On Content

We’re all guilty of having a long list of movies to watch, artists to check out, books to read, and shows to binge. It’s time to crack it open and start catching up on everything you never had time to do. Try out some classic novels like The Catcher in the Rye or The Handmaid’s Tale. You could also go check out some IMDB lists of incredible movies and work your way through the list.

Start a Blog or Vlog

This is the best time for documenting your daily experiences. This period of a global pandemic is essential to record and remember so that we can learn from it in the future. Starting a creative project like a social media channel through which you document and communicate will leave you with invaluable skills after all of this is over. Not to mention, you could end up as an online celebrity!


Live-Stream Your Friends

Just because you can’t see them in real-time doesn’t mean you can’t see them at all. Today, we have the technology to be able to call them with video. Set a time in the morning or evening when you can call them on a conference call over a cup of coffee and talk. This can help get rid of the loneliness blues.

Wrap Up Loose Ends

Check on your logistical plans for the next few months. For example, if you need to save on money now, you should cancel all unnecessary subscriptions or ask for refunds back on travel plans you can’t see through now.

That might sound hard, but many travel-based companies like bed and breakfast home-share businesses might be giving refunds. Gay-friendly vacation rental company Gaybnb is one example. They promise their clients a 100% refund on deposits for travel dates till June 2020 without letting their home-share hosts bear the cost. Contact them here for more information!

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