Managing Stress And Anxiety With Hypnosis

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Written by Nancy

Stress and anxiety appear to be an ongoing problem. People dealing with these conditions are easily triggered by their surroundings; their natural response comes from a place of uncertainty and fear.

As a result, they choose to stay within their comfort-zone. There’s a clear hesitation in exploring opportunities and meeting new people. It becomes a hindrance in their lives and prevents them growing personally and professionally.

Each individual suffering from stress and anxiety differs from another. So many solutions are available for people with stress and anxiety, but few solutions are effective for the long-run.

This occurs due to deep-rooted problems which are not resolved by exercise alone, time-management, aromatherapy or other solutions that seeks to manage stress by increasing happy-hormones and suppressing negative feelings.

These solutions help lower-stress levels, but they don’t address the underlying causes.

How Hypnotherapy helps deal with stress and anxiety

Hypnosis helps to manage stress and anxiety by identifying deep-issues that reside in our subconscious mind. Through a client’s powerful imagination, hypnotherapists can help the client access the source of the client’s stress and anxiety issues.

What happens during hypnotherapy sessions?

1)   Identify physical sensations of stress and anxiety

It’s often thought that stress and anxiety are triggered in the brain and its effects remain there, however they also have physical symptoms. In hypnotherapy, you will be asked to state those body parts where you feel the stress.

For example, it’s common for people experience stomach-pain in moments of stress or an over-bearing weight on their shoulders.

Hypnotherapists help clients identify those underlying thoughts and emotions to reduce the impact of these discomforting physical sensations.

2)   Go back to the first time

Hypnotherapists attempt to guide you through your memories to the very first time you remember experiencing stress and anxiety. The idea is to go deep within the subconscious mind to elicit the missing pieces of the puzzle that can help explain the client’s feelings.

3)   Confronting issues

Discover the actions or experience that may have caused the individual to become anxious?

Maybe they just need to be reminded that they are in charge of their lives, not their parent.

The hypnotherapist may ask clients to relive that memory and take them through an alternate approach. The therapist may then ask them to confront the experience in their mind and see it a little differently now they are older and wiser.

Stress and anxiety can be crippling. Are you in Tampa and struggle with these chronic conditions? Get in touch with Tampa Hypnosis Center to help you better manage stress and anxiety with hypnosis.

Tampa Hypnosis Center takes clients through self-hypnosis which allows clients to engage in deeper levels of self-communication. In the hypnotherapy sessions, the client’s suppressed issues may resurface allowing them to take a more proactive approach to dealing with their stress and anxiety.

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