The Many Causes of Joint Pain

Joint Pain
Written by Nancy

Although it’s more common among the elderly, joint pain can become a health concern at any age. Most people think of joint pain as arthritis—but it can be more than just one condition.

Before we understand joint pain, we need to understand what the joints in our bodies do. Joints form a connection between all our bones. They provide support and movement between the bones and play an important role in the skeletal system. Any damage, injury or disease affecting the joint can limit your movement, causing you a lot of pain.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Joint Pain?

In most cases, joint pain starts with a few symptoms. If the joint is injured due to an accident, the pain in this case can be sudden and horrifying. The following are some symptoms to notice that indicate joint pain:

  • The area around the joint is swollen, tender, red and/or warm to touch
  • The pain and other conditions persist for more than three days
  • You’re showing signs of fever but no symptoms of flu

Joint pain may be caused due to the following reasons:

Joint Inflammation

Joint inflammation can be the result of an injury, infection or disease. The synovium thickens when a joint becomes inflamed. This swells the joint capsule, which moves the inflamed cells to the joint tissues. This condition is known as active synovitis.

Joint inflammation is accompanied by redness, pain and stiffness.

Joint Infection

Fungus, viruses, or bacteria can travel to your joint. The bacterium might have entered your body through your nose, skin, throat, ears or any open wounds. An existing infection may also spread to the affected joint. Infectious arthritis will have enough room to develop around the infected joint.

Tumor Around The Joint

Tumors do not usually affect joints. However, a joint will be impacted if it’s located near a soft tissue or a bone that has developed a tumor. On the other hand, villonodular synovitis and synovial chondromatosis are two types of tumors that can develop in the lining of your joints. These tumors may be benign or aggressive.

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