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How Massage Therapy Can Help with Back Pain

Written by Nancy

Back pain is the most common ailment suffered by people of all ages. And most of us are guilty of grabbing that bottle of fast-action pain medication that promises to take away the crippling pain in minutes.

Here’s the thing; most pain meds do nothing to address or resolve the underlying causes of the pain; they simply numb it, temporarily.

Yes, safe pain treatment is available for older adults still many are under-treated especially when it comes to pain management.

Many adults also think back pain is merely a natural part of aging—something they cannot do anything to treat.

Back Pain and Treating the Elderly – Problems That Rise

There are many pain relievers that are considered safe for use by older people but doctors take caution when prescribing pain medication for back or joints pain. It should be remembered how differently pain medication is handled by older patients compared to their younger counterparts.

For Example:

Part of holistic healing practices; massage therapy can be tried when treating back pain brought on by old age and any other factor.

Massage Therapy for Back Pain – Does It Work?

It is a popular therapy for a number of reasons, the first being ability to treat a variety of spinal conditions, including:

  • Muscle spasms
  • Aches
  • Stiffness
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle tension

How Does Massage Therapy Work?

A massage therapist kneads and rubs affected muscles using hand movements or specialized tools. This muscle manipulation helps increase blood circulation throughout the body. The improved blood circulation then helps transport essential nutrients and oxygen to the muscles in the body. It also helps eliminate the accumulated waste products and/or acids from that part of the body, and in doing so, relieves pain.

Let’s Talk About the Benefits

With more and more people benefitting from massage therapy, the practice has become recognized as a plausible treatment for a variety of back pains. Massage therapy is even used as an additional treatment alongside other medical treatments for improved body function. As far as the most prominent benefits of massage therapy for people are concerned, they include:

  • Muscle Recovery.The increased blood flow and proper supply of nutrients and oxygen to them, helps the muscles heal. This is especially great for muscle strain or soreness that might be a result of extreme physical activity.


  • Muscle Relaxation.Massage therapy alleviates the tension in your muscles. It allows the muscles to relax, enhancing its flexibility. Relax muscles even improve the quality of your sleep.


  • High Levels of Endorphin.Endorphins are the “feel good” hormones in the body that trigger a sense of happiness and wellbeing. It improves the mood and helps combat anxiety and depression.

Massage therapy is a known holistic procedure meant for improving spinal health. In fact, Australian doctors have become quite comfortable in prescribing this treatment for rectifying spinal issues.

Brisbane Livewell Clinic is an excellent practitioner of musculoskeletal or massage therapy, providing different types of therapies. We all deserve to live a healthy and ache free life but we have to work for it too!

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