Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy: Things Almost Nobody Tells You About It!

Massage Therapy
Written by Nancy

With healthcare concerns developing in numbers and severity every second, a large majority is looking for alternative forms of treatments. Fraser Institute reported that 3 years back, 79% people in Canada had tried at least one complementary form of medicine in 2016.

The motivation to look for cures other than medicines and pharmaceutical drugs has gone up 5% from 2006 to 2016. One of the primary alternative treatments that Canadians are looking into is massage therapy. While most people confuse it with spa treatments, medically-guided massage therapy is lot more curative and beneficial for healing.

Here are some things about massage therapy that you were oblivious to.

Massage Therapy is Not Always a Pricey Luxury

Many lower-income groups assume that since spas charge peaked prices at hourly rates, massages are a luxury only the elites can afford. However, when it comes to massage therapy offered at health clinics, the service is much more than an avoidable indulgence.

Massage therapy is now offered as a medical treatment that prevents health conditions from aggravating into chronic problems. This also largely reduces the risk of drug dependence. Aggregating all your medical bills will reveal that massage therapies cost much less in comparison.

Massage Therapy Can be Tailored To Individual Cases

Ever struggled with medication that works sometimes and reacts other times, even with the same standard doses? That’s because your body may be at difficult stages of recovery at different times, and what works once may not work every time.

This is why you’ll have to go through the hassle of consulting your doctor time and again to readjust the doses. With massage therapy, the treatment can be tailored to individual needs in every session.

Massage Therapists Are Trained in Physiology

Professionally trained massage therapists aren’t just born with good massaging skills. Nor is the therapy just about kneading and pressing at random points. Massage therapy is a science that depends on an in-depth study of physiology and anatomical structures.

The most trusted massage therapists have academically read and learned about pressure points, energy centers, placement of organs and other details necessary for offering therapy. This is why a professional therapy service can’t be reduced to an hour-long spa session.

If you’re convinced that trying out massage therapy from a reliable clinic will help, head over to Divergent Health in Calgary.

That’s a massage therapy center that offers massage services as a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). They also offer shockwave therapy and chiropractic sessions for clients with more severe conditions. Call them at 4039098111 to book an appointment.

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