Maui Beach Weddings – How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress

Maui Beach Weddings
Written by Nancy

You’ve dreamed of the day your whole life and now it’s finally here. You’re getting married to your beloved on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii and your dream of a romantic union in a gorgeous location is coming true. But how do you make this day even more perfect?

By buying the most idyllic wedding dress for the occasion!

The Perfect Maui Wedding Dress

You have a lot of options.

You could go all out with glitter and beads, perhaps a ball gown with a short trail. Or get a little sultry with your fashion choice and get a sexy, body-hugging sheath dress that exudes a sleek chic look.

Here, the trick to adding that Maui touch to your dress is by using the little touches of your surroundings to your advantage.


Make it light and breathable, especially if you’re having a morning ceremony. While the beach may seem balmy and cool, it will only take a little while for it to turn hot and humid, especially with the sun shining down on you.


Unless you want to have a Marilyn-Monroe-on-a-subway-grate incident right when you’re speaking your wedding vows, you might want to consider getting a floor-length or medium-long wedding dress. Find a dress with a medium-to-long train as well and have the designer make a loop at the end so it’s not trailing in the wet beach sand as you walk down the aisle.


Don’t want a dress with a train? Swap it for long veil instead. Veils for beach weddings are meant to give that romantic, flow-y vibe which looks especially beautiful in wedding photographs.

Laces and Texture

Always go for lace and beads if you want a non-traditional wedding dress. Such wedding dresses make you stand out against the natural beauty of your surroundings and have a wonderfully delicate overall look.


We usually choose from shades of white, but if you want to bring an element of uniqueness to the mix, go with a color. Ombré, pink or red – choose a color of the sunset and make sure it matches the hue of your skin tone. You don’t want to end up looking too red because you chose a bright pink dress which clashes with your tan.

Off-Shoulder, High Slits, Strapless?

Hawaiian weddings are supposed to be semi-causal so you have a lot of leeway in terms of sleeve-length and silhouettes etc. If you want to wear a sexy wedding dress with slits on the sides, go for it. If you want an off-the-shoulder gauzy dress in Grecian style, wear it. Let your adventurous soul guide you on your fashion choices.

Plan Your Maui Wedding

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