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Measures You Should Take In The Face of the Coronavirus Health Crisis

Written by Nancy

Times are hard — the whole world is frantically trying to figure out how to deal with the COVID-19. You might be feeling overwhelmed with all of the news coming in about the global spread of the virus.

However, you need to focus on what you can do more than what others should be doing. Here are some ways you can try and contribute to limiting the spread of the illness to yourself and other people.

Social Distancing is Key

One of the most recommended measures is social distancing. Governments worldwide are asking their citizens to maintain distance in various ways. Some countries have gone on complete, enforced lockdown, while others are mandating offices, educational institutes, and public places to remain closed to that effect.

Therefore, you should stay at home and leave the house only when necessary to limit possible exposure to the virus.

Caution is Better Than Cure

Make sure that you’re cautious about your health. If you have a compromised immune system, lung disease, or are a senior citizen, you should be extra careful about your conditions. If you develop a dry cough, fever, flu, or difficulty breathing, you should isolate from the rest of your household immediately and monitor your symptoms.


Reach out to your nearest healthcare provider for protocol on how to deal with the situation.

Stay Sanitary

Make sure you keep clean. While we tend to go straight to using sanitizers, we must wash our hands more than we use sanitizers. Washing hands involves scrubbing and friction, which gets rid of bacteria, viruses, and dirt much more efficiently.

Washing hands should also be a thorough process. Make sure you scrub them for at least 20 to 30 seconds, making sure to get to every part of your hand.

Mental Health Is Important Too

Don’t panic! It might seem contradictory that in a crisis, we need to try not to worry, but it’s essential we keep our calm. This crisis is probably going to last a while, and getting anxious is not going to help.

Keep your anxieties at bay by doing some yoga or breathing exercises every morning. If you know a therapist that does online sessions, reach out to them. This will make the next few months more bearable.

Cancel Travel Plans

It might be a bummer, but cancel all of your travel plans for the next few months. Travel bans are going up every day, and if you cancel your bookings right now, you might get refunds on the deposits that you’ve made.

Home-share company, Gaybnb, is one of many that is offering a 100% refund to its clients for booking made up to June 2020. Gaybnb offers gay-friendly bed and breakfasts in premier holiday destinations. However, in the face of the crisis, they’ve made sure their clients get their money back. Their $0 host fee policy helps their hosts stay afloat as well. Check out their website for more information.

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