Medical Benefits of Cinderella Surgery

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Written by Nancy

Long before Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw told us how gorgeous we’d look if we paid attention to our footwear, Cinderella’s love story highlighted that the heels are essential for the head-turning, jaw-dropping, perfect look that you wanted so bad.

But to this day, we never mention feet when we are talking about the beauty regime. The only attention that we pay to them is limited to the regular pedicure. But, do you know that beautiful feet also enhances your overall look. Once you start taking proper care of them, you will love to flaunt your feet as well.

“Is there any way through which I can make my feet look more beautiful?” This is the question which rises every time someone mentions why it is important to have healthy feet that look at goods in all kind of shoes that you wear. And, what is the woman’s best friend when it comes to feet? Heels.


Women love to buy them, wear them, or even look at them. These are a magnificent work of beauty and we can’t thank the creators enough for introducing the world to heels. But, can everyone wear heels? This is why many women look for ways through which they can easily fit into the glamorous heels they saw their favorite actresses wearing on the red carpet.

Heels have a specific design and not all foot types can fit into them. But, in a world of fashion, no one should be left behind. For that, podiatrists have come up with Cinderella surgery. This is a safe and reliable foot reduction surgery that helps you make your feet look more appealing. Contrary to popular belief, these surgeries are not cosmetic procedures aimed at increasing a woman’s appearance. It has medical benefits as well which have allowed women to deal with so many feet-related problems. Some of these benefits are described below.

1. Removal of Bunions

High heels don’t cause bunions. But, if you already have them, high heels can worsen them. This is why women opt for bunion treatment. Also, bunions can make you uncomfortable in any kind of closed shoes.

Cinderella Surgery helps removed the abnormal growth and makes your feet smoother. After having this surgery, many women will notice that they can walk for hours in any kind of shoes without getting tired.

2. Toe-Shortening

Big toes can also make it difficult for a person to get shoes in their size. Also, if left untreated, the toes can also be turned into a hammertoe in which the toe buckles up at the joint.

This causes too much pain to the person as this creates painful corns on the top. It is a necessary foot care surgery that helps reduce pain.

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3. Fat-Injections

Fat is taken from another part of the body and injected into the sole of the feet. This provides a cushion to the feet, making it easier for women to walk in heels.

This cushioning helps women walk comfortably. Women who have jobs where they have to stand for long hours have had many benefits after the surgery.

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