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Medical Marijuana to Counter Anxiety

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Written by Nancy

If you thought the most common medical disorder in the United States was heart disease or some other cardiovascular ailment, think again. Because it’s anxiety. And it affects 40 million people in the country who are 18 and older. 31.1% of all the adults in the country have experienced anxiety disorder—and not many get the right treatments.

With the legalization of medical marijuana and the relaxation of the laws governing it, however, it seems that times are a changin’. Because this might be the one thing that helps people with anxiety or Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) cope with their ailment.

There’s Evidence to Back it Up

And no, it’s not just “the hippies” who are hyping up medical marijuana or advocating its great efficacy in terms of anxiety. A study in the Journal of Affective Disorders published by Washington State University showed that smoking marijuana has a direct link to reduced stress and anxiety.

Of course, people who’ve already had marijuana in some form know that the drug can help with stress reduction.

Even scientists agree that smoking pot has relaxing effects on you—and this is medical marijuana: its THC content is negligible while the relaxing CBD component is dominant. CBD helps reduce inflammation, is an anti-oxidant, and also has anti-anxiety properties.

Understanding CBD and THC

If you’ve been Googling whether or not marijuana (or cannabis) is good for battling anxiety, you’ve probably come across blogs and forums telling you it won’t. Because cannabis—the recreational variety, that is—is high in THC content. THC can lead to more anxiety, and thus isn’t a good gig.

The CBD component, however, which is present in the cannabis plant, has the opposite effect: it reduces anxiety. And medical marijuana is manufactured specifically to have a higher predominant CBD content, whereas THC levels are very low—almost nonexistent.

And it’s Available Easily in Florida!

The Sunshine State legalized medical marijuana a few years ago, and legalized smoking medical marijuana this year. All you need to have is a “qualifying condition” in order to be eligible to obtain medical marijuana from an approved dispensary or from an independent grower. In case you’re wondering, yes, anxiety is a qualifying condition.

Of course, you’ll also need a medical marijuana card or certificate in order to be able to obtain the drug, which you can get easily by getting in touch with Midori Med.

Schedule an appointment with them to obtain your medical marijuana card and get easy access to numerous nearby dispensaries for easier access to medical marijuana in North Miami.

Start battling your anxiety the right way today!

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