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Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Damage The Lungs! Here’s Why

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Written by Nancy

Despite an extensive body of research that says otherwise, medical marijuana is often associated with addictive drugs that cause irreversible damage to the body.

Considering this history, it’s natural to be worried if you’ve been prescribed medical marijuana. Most patients have questions such as: “is it going to damage my lungs like smoking tobacco does?

As it turns out, the difference between marijuana, tobacco and medical marijuana is that the latter is processed, prescribed, and legal in many states.

By ingesting medical marijuana under safe circumstances and in specified amounts, you can not only breathe freely, but also live a healthier, more actualized life.

With research still ongoing on the benefits and safest ways to consume medical marijuana, there’s evidence to suggest that some methods of consuming medical marijuana are not detrimental to the lungs.

The following are some facts you need to know about the safe consumption of medical marijuana:

How Does Medical Marijuana Help With Lung Diseases?

According to extensive research conducted by the Lung Institute, medical marijuana is incredibly beneficial for reducing inflammation, easing pain, improving sleeping patterns, reducing phlegm, and building a robust immune system.

The only time it’s detrimental is if you smoke it. The biggest hurdle for the countrywide legalization of medical marijuana lies in the fact that it’s harmful when burned.

Smoke of any kind is detrimental to your lung health, and medical marijuana doesn’t escape that list. This leaves ingestibles/vaping as the ways to go.

Asthmatic Patients Might Feel Relieved With The Consumption Of Medical Marijuana

The ancient Egyptians used cannabis to treat various ailments, including asthma. It was also prescribed ascough medication. When the slow illegalization of marijuana, we lost centuries worth of benefits.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that can be managed by anti-inflammatory medicines—medical cannabis is one of them.

Some molecular variations of THC—a compound that is naturally found in medical marijuana—can produce a bronchodilatory effect, which is therapeutic for asthmatic patients.

Vaping Or Smoking: Which Is The Safer Way To Consume Medical Marijuana?

As mentioned above, the primary reason why there’s so much reluctance about legalizing marijuana is that its smoke is detrimental and harmful to the lungs.

When you smoke a joint, you’re burning the flower, which produces a higher number of toxic chemicals—some of which can be inhaled easily.

Vaping medical marijuana, on the other hand, tends to be safer and cleaner compared to smoking it. It has a more subtle taste, which is usually not noticeable.

Inhaling medical marijuana through combustion is much more harmful than inhaling vapors of marijuana that have only been heated.

People need to realize that the use of medical marijuana is safe and beneficial only if it is used in the prescribed amount and with the right methods.

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