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Why Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health

Mental Health
Written by Nancy

Whenever the topic of conversation turns to health and wellbeing, people’s mind immediately turns to physical health. Just think about all the ‘healthy activities’ like jogging and exercise. All of these are directly connected to your physical health.

Very rarely do people ever talk about the importance of mental health. It’s strange because it’s an important aspect of your overall health. It refers to emotional and psychological wellbeing and has an impact on how a person goes about with their everyday life.

Let’s take a look at some additional reasons why mental health is considered to be so important:

It Affects Your Physical Health

Physical Health

Your mind and body are interconnected and physical pain can have a direct impact on your physical health. For example, people that suffer from depression and anxiety often face issues like insomnia and chronic pain as well.

It has also been proven that people who suffer from mental ailments have a weak immune system and can easily fall sick.

It Affects Your Family Life

The effects of mental problems are not just limited to the person themselves. They also affect the people around them. Children of people who suffer from mental problems are more likely to suffer from abuse and neglect.

These children don’t have anyone they can turn to and because of that, they too end up becoming victims of mental illnesses when they grow older.

It Affects Your Finances

Mental health issues also lead to financial problems in the future. In fact, a study revealed that people who suffered from mental ailments earned 40% less than people who were in good medical condition.

Another problem with mental problems is that they ruin your productivity. A report published by World Health Organization revealed that depression costs around $1 trillion per year.

Patients with Mental Problems Can Be Dangerous

There have been debates regarding the connection between mental ailments and violent crimes. Furthermore, research has also been conducted to identify the impact that drugs and alcohol have on mental health.

In addition to that, people who suffer from mental problems are also likely to become victims of abuse and mistreatment.

Mental Health Is Connected With Life Expectancy

People with poor mental health also have a shorter life expectancy. It has been revealed that problems like anxiety and depression can increase the chances of an early death by 94%.

Even if you only have mild mental health problems, constantly worrying about what the future has in store for you can have an impact on various aspects of your life.

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