Mistakes People Make While Brushing their Teeth

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Written by Nancy

“Don’t go to bed if you haven’t brushed your teeth.”

“You can’t eat chocolate now that you’ve brushed.”

“Throw away your toothbrush, it’s become old.”

We’ve all grown up listening to our parents talk about the importance of brushing—and doing it right! But even as adults, we fail to realize how brushing mistakes affect our oral hygiene. Efficient brushing means healthier teeth and consequently, a prettier smile!

Here are a few brushing mistakes you need to leave behind:

Using too much force on teeth

Most people think that the harder they brush, the more bits of food it’ll remove. The reality is that applying too much force might damage your gums.  Not just that, it might lead to the wearing down of the tooth in the long run. Be gentle when you’re brushing your teeth so they stay strong.

Using a toothbrush that has a hard bristle

Using a hard bristle toothbrush often erodes away at the protective enamel of the tooth. Once you lose this protection, our gums are exposed and become sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. If your teeth are sensitive, replace your hard bristle toothbrush with a soft or extra soft one.

To make things easy, you can always seek advice from a reliable dentist about the toothbrush that would suit you the best.

Not brushing the inner surface of your teeth

Although only the outer surface of your teeth contribute to a beautiful smile, that doesn’t mean that the inner surface can be ignored. It’s your molars and the inner surface that come in contact with the tongue the most. For better oral health, all parts of the mouth should be cleaned.

Brushing right after a meal

You need to be careful if you’ve just eaten a meal that contains acids. Brushing your teeth immediately after consuming acidic foods can affect the gums. The enamel becomes weak and more prone to decay and erosion. The same goes for foods that are too sweet or sour. The ideal time to wait before brushing is thirty minutes.

Apart from taking the necessary precautions, it’s also essential to regularly visit a reliable dentist. If you’re in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, we recommend West Smiles. They specialize in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dentistry. Their state-of-the-art facility, coupled with special attention to patient safety makes them your go-to dental facility. You can either book an appointment online or by calling at (818) 346-4303.

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