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Is The Mom Wine Culture Normalizing Alcoholism?

Written by Nancy

When it comes to sensitive and triggering content, the media is notorious for not paying heed to it. Be it glorifying promiscuity in men in TV shows such as Two and a Half Men and Californication to stigmatization addiction by associating it with criminal activity and poverty. 

One such trend is also the mom wine culture.

With so many Hollywood movies and TV shows normalizing the mom wine-hour, it has become increasingly difficult to see past the façade and view their obsession with alcohol as addiction. Not only is this normalizing alcohol, but it’s also impacting the way that the younger generation has come to understand alcohol.

Let’s delve deeper into what the mom wine culture is and what it entails for the society.

The mom wine culture

Films and TV shows have given rise to this ubiquitous narrative in pop culture that portrays mom wine culture as funny, acceptable, and even expected—case in point, Claire from Modern Family who jumps at the slightest mention of alcohol, without having to face any concern or objections from her beloved family.

From Desperate Housewives to any random indie film, the portrayal of mothers meeting up to drink with their friends as a way to cope with cheating husbands or bad jobs is rampant.

Studies show that high-risk drinking, which is defined by more than four drinks in a day at least once a week, has increased by 60 percent in women. This has also given rise to alcohol disorders in families at a staggering rate of 84 percent.

Not only does this minimize the problem of alcoholism, but it also downplays the dangers of drinking, especially in the eyes of those who only need the slightest nudge to fall into the trap of addiction.

The impact on children

Now that it has become mainstream for mothers to drink in order to escape their societal responsibilities or the overbearing stress of life, some kids are being brought up in a culture where heavy drinking is normalized and acceptable.

Research shows that individuals that grow up in a family with a history of alcohol abuse are more likely to develop drinking problems themselves. This is further ingrained by the use of phrases and euphemisms, such as “mommy juice.” Even if the phrasing is meant to detour children, they’re much smarter than they let on and can easily deduce the reality of the situation.

While both young boys and young girls may be at risk of developing substance abuse addiction when they grow up, research shows that young males tend to consume more alcohol and experience alcohol-related problems more so than young females—hence, putting them more at risk if the exacerbation of the mom wine culture continues.

Even if the young male doesn’t grow up to become an alcoholic, the idea that excessive drinking is normal, may affect him in different ways and may manifest in the form of unhealthy emotional habits and behaviors.

What’s next?

It’s better to get ahead of the problem before the young male comes to indulge in substance abuse. If you or your loved ones have been raised in a family with a history of alcohol abuse and display signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction, give them the care, treatment, and love they deserve.

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