Muscle Building on a Vegan Diet: The Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

Written by Nancy

Nearly 3 million people in Canada consider themselves vegan or vegetarian. That’s about 10 percent of the country’s population. Despite the growing numbers, people who follow plant-based diets can’t seem to catch a break.

There are a number of myths surrounding the vegan diet. Perhaps the most common one is that all vegans are thin and are incapable of building muscle because their diet is lacking in protein. However, this claim couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You can build muscle on pretty much any type of diet, given that you’re consistent with your workouts and keep the sugary snacks away.

In today’s blog, we’re dispelling notions of the struggling-to-build-muscle-because-I’m-vegan myth and telling you exactly how to get buff while staying vegan.

1. Prepare yourself

Mental warm-ups are just as important as physical ones. Plant-based diets can seem intimidating, especially when there are so many meat-loving naysayers around. The change will come slowly and your body will react to your vegan diet differently from the 300-pounder on the treadmill next to you. Keep doing your workouts like you always do!

2. Don’t overdo protein

When it comes to muscle building, people love to obsess over protein content. Just stick to the recommended daily intake of 0.8 grams per kilogram of your weight. Overdoing your protein will not stimulate muscle growth—at least there’s no science behind it so far.

3. Keep it natural

Bodybuilders love their protein shakes. Protein in powder form can be a great supplement for those who are not meeting their energy expenditure requirements. However, it’s always better to get your macros from fresh food. If you’re not sure how to maintain a balanced, vegan diet just get in touch with Eat Your Cake and their award-winning chefs will set you up with nutritious vegan meals on a regular basis!


4. Forget about calories

When you’re working hard, you need to fuel your body right. Don’t worry about the calorie marks; they’re not a good indicator of your health anyway. Make sure you incorporate a well-rounded plant-based diet that provides you with essential vitamins and minerals after each workout. Eat dark leafy greens, nuts, legumes, grains and fruits regularly and your body will thank you for it!

A vegan diet can easily get you the same, if not better results than your meat-eating friends. Just let Eat Your Cake know how you like your Roasted Artichoke Salad and get nourishing food delivered at your door for affordable prices!

About the Author

The author is a gym owner in Vancouver and decided to transition to a vegan diet in 2006. He hasn’t looked back ever since. He orders vegan meals from Eat Your Cake once every week!

About the author



I’m Nancy and no, I didn’t always look like I do in that picture on the right. My foray into health and fitness began as a brace-faced, 16 year-old who was too afraid to wear a two-piece at the beach because I felt my body paled in comparison to my much more toned friends.