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Why You Need to Take Your Medications On Time and As Prescribed

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Written by Nancy

Sticking to one’s medications is vital. Doing so means consuming them as your physician or doctor has prescribed. By not taking your medication on time, you’re actively putting yourself in harm’s way. As already defined by a doctor or pharmacist, this lack of medication can worsen your symptoms, disease, and even death.

This article will discuss why people should take medications and how it can affect both people and work output for businesses if employees don’t receive medications on time.

Troubling Statistics

The CDC reports that not adhering to one’s prescription medication plan results in up to 50% of ineffective treatments for long-term diseases. This statistic also includes more than 120,000 deaths per year. Stopping medications for long-term issues often results in a significantly increased probability of passing away from the health problem.

Why Don’t People Always Take Medications As Prescribed and On Time?

Multiple patients don’t adhere to their doctors’ and pharmacists’ guidelines regarding which medications they must take and how often. They often do so because they don’t completely understand the guidelines, don’t remember all the time, are on many medications and get confused, have experienced discouraging effects from the drugs, or said medication doesn’t appear to be doing its job.

How much medications costs is also a significant reason people don’t always adhere to their prescriptions as time goes on. They may also choose only to take smaller doses of their medicines to make them last longer.

Productivity Backlogs

People must prioritize medications and medication delivery to ensure people take their prescriptions regularly. It can help people to keep a pillbox with days of the week written on it. Not taking medications on time can reduce employees’ output and productivity at work. If transportation is an issue, you can also get a convenient medication delivery service in San Angelo, TX.

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