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Neonatal Telehealth—How Telemedicine Is Changing The World For New Mothers

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Written by Nancy

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling feelings in the world. But it’s also a very stressful time—especially for a first-time mom. And the situation becomes even more difficult if mothers lack access to neonatal care.

According to the CDC, around 10% of all babies are preterm, and over 8.6% are born with a low birth weight. Many babies also die because of birth defects and quality neonatal care not being available to them on time.

Most birthing facilities don’t provide on-site care for newborn children, and even during emergencies, parents may have to wait for a transport team to shift them to a facility and stabilize the baby on-the-go.

The Importance Of Quality Neonatal Care

Newborns are sensitive and weak, so they require high-quality expert care. In the medical field, neonatal care is considered to be one of the most sensitive subcategories, where time is of the essence.

Imagine a birthing facility not having access to neonatal specialists and having to wait till transport arrives to take them to the nearest care center—it’s a terrifying thought.

There are very few things that are scarier to a new mother than the thought of being separated from her baby while they take them to the neonatal ICU.

This not only causes great discomfort to both the mother and her child, but also disturbs the bond between the mother and her baby.

Fixing The Problem With Telehealth

Keeping these issues in mind, there was a need to find a solution that would bridge this gap and help make the healthcare world more accommodating to new mothers and their babies. This is how neonatal telehealth apps for doctors were introduced.

To bridge the gap and the drive duration between a new mother and a neonatal care facility, telehealth features like remote patient monitoring can be used to consult expert doctors in real-time over a mobile application.

The technology has been helpful in helping new mothers acquire immediate medical attention from experts who can provide assistance through audio and video to stabilize infants while they are taken to the nearest facility.

This access to timely healthcare reduces the chances of the issue worsening and, in turn, can help reduce the number of preterm deaths.

In some cases, the specialists may even be able to fully stabilize the baby and the mother using remote patient monitoring and the telemedicine video platform, so they don’t have to travel to a different facility.

How To Start Using Telehealth

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