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How to Nurture Your Child and Yourself at the Same Time

Written by Nancy

Conventionally, the idea of self-care doesn’t involve running after a child 24/7. It’s considered more of an exclusive pampering you reward yourself with when there’s no worry in the world. This is why once you become a mother, it’s difficult to manage parenthood with person-hood and remember that you’re already beautiful.

No mother in the world would risk nurturing her child in a less-than-ideal manner. Each one of us has parenting goals that we want to implement to become the ideal parent that we’ve aspired to be. But like all challenges, it’s easier said than done. Bearing and raising a child is a delight for the parents and lack of self-care can turn it into one of the many chief annoyances in your life. You really don’t want to miss out on these golden moments while raving about a constant headache or groaning with joint pains.

mama babyRemember: in order to fill someone else’s cup, you need to fill your own first. Children learn to love what they get and you don’t want them to become attached to anything but your joyful presence. Here’s how you can nurture yourself and your child simultaneously to give them a mother who’s already beautiful and gives them all her love, unconditionally.

Tune into yourself regularly

Mothers of one or more toddlers run chores around the house like overworked machines. Under the weight of the pile of laundry and load of school work, they forget to check on themselves. What you need is a moment to breathe fully and deeply. You need to feel the oxygen energizing your blood and stress leaving your body. Focused breathing really helps tune into yourself as you become more aware of your being and tap into the conscious. Our subconscious, by default, autopilots us most of the time but we need breathing to lessen its grip and allow a free-flowing consciousness.

Whenever you’re stressed out, STOP

What mothers often refuse to accept is that one day off from a busy week will not bring their life to a standstill. True, the dishes will remain piled up in the sink just as the dirty laundry will keep sitting for another day; that’s not the end of the world. However, what could be the end of the world is if you fall sick and there’s no one to take care of your beloved family at all. You deserve to lounge on the couch or sip on a glass of wine just as much as your crying baby deserves to be fed and soothed. Take note of every time you’re about to have a breakdown due to stress and take a break.

mom and kid

Find your way through the challenges

Every mom has a different routine depending on a lot of factors such as their work life, their child’s age, their sleep-wake cycle, social engagements, etc. Notice the times during the day when you’re most stressed out and identify a pattern of challenging times. Instead of indulging in self-pity, learn to take those challenges. It could be the lunch hour when your child refuses to open their mouth or bedtime when they’re jumping around in the bed. It’s possible that your strategy is not the best strategy to solve the problem so try a different one. It’s also your right to ask your partner to divide responsibilities so that you get some time off as well.


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