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How Olive Leaf Extract Can Make Your Skin Better

Olive Leaf Extract Skin
Written by Nancy

Considering the buzz around its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, gastroprotective and neuroprotective properties, you might not even know that olive leaf extract is a wonder serum for the skin as well!

Used by the ancient Egyptians for its healing properties, olive leaf extract was—and is—considered to be a potent cure for many skin issues, and is often recommended to those who experience hyper-pigmentation and sun damage.

Do you need a little help with your skin? Here’s how olive leaf extract can help!

How Olive Leaf Extract Benefits Your Skin

– It Promotes Wound Healing

According to a study, oleuropein—the main component of olive leaf extract—accelerates wound healing by supplementing the body’s collagen levels. As a result, even wounds like acne marks can heal faster, decreasing the chances of any scars forming.

– It Protects Against Sun Damage

Oleuropein has preventive qualities that keep the skin protected against UVB-induced skin damage. Studies suggest that the extract not only slows down the production of melanin, but it also inhibits an enzyme in the body that breaks down your skin tissue.

– It Prevents Skin Cancer

Olive leaf extract is a powerful skin protectant. According to a study on skin cancer cells in mice, olive leaf extract has the ability to not only inhibit cell reproduction, but it can also reduce the volume of the tumor in its late phase of treatment.

– It Treats Hyper-Pigmentation

Considering that olive leaf extract protects the body against UV rays, it stands to reason that it would reduce the production of melanin in the body as well.

Olive leaf extract not only heals the pigment spots caused by UV exposure, but it also works to heal any marks that may have exacerbated skin sensitivity.

– It Reduces Signs of Aging

Sun exposure, pollution, and stress can all have a profound effect on the body, especially your skin, which, in turn, can lead to premature aging.

Olive leaf extract prevents visible signs of aging by preventing cell damage through oxidation.

Need Olive Leaf Extract?

Quality matters when it comes to using any product. This is why it’s recommended that if you decide to use OLE, you buy it from a reliable source, such as My Olive Leaf.

A trusted brand online, My Olive Leaf offers the original formula as well as the maximum formula with phytonutrients.

So consult with your doctor today and start using olive leaf extract for your skin. Give it the protection it deserves!

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