Pallet Rack Safety: 3 Important Practices to Keep in Check

Written by Nancy

Safe pallet rack operation is key to avoiding expensive and dangerous situations at storage facilities.

How can you ensure pallet racks are used safely at your facility?

By keeping these 3 important practices in check.

Don’t let your staff climb the pallet racks

While it may be tempting for your staff to climb up a rack and get that box down when the forklift isn’t available, this is extremely dangerous and strongly unadvised. Pallet racks aren’t meant for climbing; they can have loose pallet supports, damaged wire decks or loose beams that can give way to serious accidents.

Don’t let your staff climb the pallet racks. Instruct your supervisors to make sure your orders are followed.

Load pallets properly

Pallets should be properly loaded onto pallet racks. A minimum 6-inch flue space should be maintained between the loads, while an additional 3-inch space should be maintained at each end of the rack space. Furthermore, try to load the heavier pallets in the lower shelves of the pallet racks. This will provide stability to pallet racks.

Lastly, when loading, keep the weight ratings of your rack under consideration to avoid overloads.

Design pallet racks with appropriate height-to-depth ratio

Height-to-depth ratio is defined as:

The ratio of the distance from the floor to the top beam level divided by the depth of the frame

The Rack Manufacturers’ Institute (RMI) recommends that this ratio must not exceed 6:1.

Therefore, when designing a pallet rack, make sure that the standard for height-to-depth ratio is followed. Racks designed in violation of this standard are highly susceptible to operational failures. If you face any design challenges, it’s best to consult your pallet rack provider.

Pallet rack safety involves multiple practice components as outlined above. Failing in their implementation can cost your business heavily.

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