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Paternity Testing for Litigation

Paternity Testing
Written by Nancy

Having a father figure in the family completes the picture of an ideal home. But many are deprived of this blessing partly because of unfortunate circumstances and partly because of complex legal procedures that hinder matters of blood. 

While there can be a number of reasons and personal preferences which can leave a child uninformed about their father, there is absolutely no reason why any child must be deprived of parental support and legal rights. Since relentless travels to the court demotivate many from attempting to offer a child and mother confirmation about the identity of the father, convenient paternity testing becomes a necessity.

Paternity testing for the sake of satisfying one’s own curiosity is just not enough. Since retrieving DNA data samples from father and child in some cases are a challenge itself, the test results should be more rewarding than exclusively informing personal queries. With legal complexities coming in the way of abandoned children and single mothers receiving child support, it is highly crucial to avail licensed lab services that offer court-admissible results.

Present methods of identifying subjects for paternity testing do not answer problems of identification because of lack of standardization based on universal guidelines. There have been several problems in paternity testing which have been shunned in the past for lack of accuracy and risks of forging identities. They have resulted in individuals claiming to have their identities violated for the purposes of paternity testing. Here are a few practices that have operated in the past with questionable validity.

Official Identity Documents

One common practice includes demanding the national identity cards of the parents and the official birth certificate issued to the child. Since these requirements aligned most with the legal procedures, it appeared to be the most authentic method of identification later used for genetic testing.

But the problem which emerged with this method was the deceptive exchange of identity cards between individuals to deem an incorrect match as a potential subject.

To combat this problem, the idea of photographing subjects came to the forefront. Even though it removed some obstacles from the prospect of accuracy, it was still not a fool-proof way of determining identities.

Finger PrintsFinger Prints

The procedure of using fingerprints instead of photographs became common in laboratories but it was still not a standard process used globally.

Even though this did not stand in the way of an objective assessment of genetic comparison, it was still dependent on certain social factors that punctuated the whole method.

Since this required local interactions more than any other method, they were linked to the social landscape where forensic workers were conducting the experiment.

The idea of simply traveling to the laboratory to submit identity specimens through fingerprinting was a challenge in itself.

However, the later evidence against its credibility surfaced which challenged the process once again. In lieu of the complaint against fingerprints being taken against the consent and used for paternity testing, legal authorities suspended the practice of fingerprinting. But later they re-entered the arena of paternity testing with correlated measures ensuring elimination of crimes.

Buccal Swabs

In order to effectively rectify these erroneous methods, Divergent Healthcare is introducing reliable lab services which offer paternity testing using buccal swabs. Since this is a process which minimizes the changes of forgery and ensures the accuracy of results, these tests can be used in litigation processes as well.

DNA Testing

In order to overcome the problem of social obstructions and unavailability of subjects at times of testing, the clinic is offering a self-sampling kit as well which can be couriered to the subject’s address so that they may submit it at their own convenience.

Additionally, for better correlation and accuracy, they also offer relationship testing when in case of the absence of a father, a close kin of his could be tested to check if the child belongs to their bloodline.

Divergent Healthcare is a clinic based in Calgary which offers paternity testing with court-admissible results. They also provide chronic pain management, back and neck pain relief, shockwave therapy and psychology consultation.

In order to contact them, call or visit their clinic.

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