Why Is Patient-Centered Communication Important In Healthcare

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High healthcare costs, overtreatments, poor healthcare quality, and misdiagnosis are some of the leading issues surrounding the US healthcare system. Although governmental authorities and nonprofit organizations are working to deal with these issues, there isn’t much notable progress.

One of the leading reasons these issues are so prevalent in our healthcare system is the lack of patient-centered communication.

Keep reading this article to learn more about what’s patient-centered communication and why it’s important.

What Is Patient Centered-Communication?

Patient-centered communication, also known as client-centered communication, is a process that gives value to patients’ opinions and thoughts regarding their health decisions. It involves patient participation in decisions such as treatment options, diagnosis, and much more.

Why Is Patient-Centered Communication Important?

It can lead to better patient adherence

Patient adherence to medicines and other lifestyle habits recommended by the doctor is crucial for successful treatment. However, it’s quite common for patients to get back to their old ways after some time.
This issue can be dealt with by encouraging patients to participate in decisions about their health as this empowers them to comply with the healthcare practitioner’s instructions.

It helps improve patient satisfaction

The duration and longevity of the consultation session doesn’t guarantee patient satisfaction. What ensures a good clinical experience is involving patients and encouraging them to be a part of the discussion to make them feel valued and satisfied with the session.

a healthcare practitioner talking to a patient

It can reduce the risk of malpractice

Most of the malpractice issues involve a distorted or some sort of communication breakdown between the patient and the physician. Whereas, effective patient–physician communication allows the doctor to clearly explain the condition or treatment to the patient and helps the patient voice their point of view.

This reduces the chances of malpractice as both the parties communicated without any misunderstandings.

It can reduce the requests for unnecessary and expensive tests

A strong relationship between patients and physicians with effective patient-centered communication will allow the patients to trust the doctors and their recommendations and they won’t request diagnostic tests that might be unnecessary and expensive.

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