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Perks of Consuming Prebiotics and Probiotics Supplements

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Written by Nancy

‘You’re only 43% human!’

This statement by the researchers at the University of California San Diego suggests that we aren’t alone in our bodies. The rest of the 57% of the body’s DNA comes from the tiny microbes present in and over us. 

The Microbiome found in our bodies does much more than just help us in digesting food and absorbing nutrients. Regular consumption of probiotics and prebiotics help develop a healthy Microbiome in our gut.

This article summarizes why prebiotics and probiotics are necessary for us and how their combined action improves our health.

Better Skin and Hair

The Asians’ glass skin secret lies in fermented foods rather than a gazillion step skin routine!

Fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir supplement the gut with good bacteria. These beneficial bacteria boost the production of specific ceramides that protect the skin against conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema.

Moreover, certain probiotics balance the pH of the skin, thereby protecting it from free-radical damage. Protection from free radical damage ultimately slows down the skin’s aging clock!

Stronger immune system

Probiotics have been linked to a stronger immune system.

Certain strains of bacteria can strengthen the immune system by producing natural antibodies and boosting the production of immune cells like natural killer cells and T lymphocytes.

Multiple studies show that the risk of respiratory and UTI infections goes down in people who consume probiotics regularly. A healthy immune system keeps the body safe from infections and even keeps a check on tumor development within the body.

Improved Gut Health

Millions of Americans suffer from Irregular bowel syndrome, and it severely affects their day-to-day life. Probiotics repopulate the gut with healthy, beneficial bacteria. It re-establishes the gut’s balance, which improves gastric issues such as ulcerative colitis and irregular bowel syndrome. 

Healthy Gut-Brain Connection

Turns out, experiencing a ‘gut feeling’ is a real thing!

The gut-brain connection is a two-way road. The bacteria in your gut send signals to your brain, which triggers the brain to produce certain chemicals. An imbalanced gut biome can trigger the release of chemicals that impact your mood and mental health.

An unhealthy gut usually causes mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Lose Excessive Belly Fat

The good bacteria found in probiotics prevent the absorption of fat into the body. The undigested fat doesn’t find its way into the bloodstream and is thus egested out as feces!

Studies show that certain bacteria strains can prevent you from gaining weight and even help consumers lose body fat!

Consumers, who don’t have the time to indulge in fermented foods, can opt to take a pill!

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