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Phantom Lice Syndrome – Here’s What You Should Know

Phantom Lice Syndrome – Here’s What You Should Know
Written by Nancy

For many of us, especially those with children, having a lice infestation to deal with can be particularly troublesome. Parents and schools as well go through quite a length to ensure that children and those around them stay clean and lice free.

This article however is not about a lice infestation its self nor is it about lice removal. It is actually about a certain skin condition that often misleads people to believe that they might be suffering from a lice infestation and need treatment.

Phantom Lice Syndrome

Lice specialist and treatment clinic professionals come across such cases every now and then and agree upon how distressful they can be for those suffering. We’re going to take a closer look at what this condition is and what to do about it to help those who might be mistaking it for a lice infestation.

What Is It?

Medically known as Morgellon’s Disease, informally as phantom lice or in some cases phantom-bug syndrome or skin crawling disease, is a delusional disorder which is observed the world over. The disease in its self can be anything from irritating and disconcerting for plain maddening and terrifying for those suffering depending on the degree or intensity.

To be more descriptive, those suffering feel like there are bugs or insects crawling either on them or right under their skin. In extreme cases, mild hallucinations too are not uncommon.

What this has to do with Lice

If you’re wondering what the correlation is between phantom lice syndrome and lice apart from the obvious itching is that people often mistake the onset of the disease for an infestation. This is often the case with the parents or caregivers of young children who have yet to be diagnosed.

If the disease goes undetected and uncalled it can leave parents, caregivers and of course those suffering; feeling quite frustrated and helpless.

How Does One Even Tell?

professional head lice removal service

When it comes to phantom lice syndrome, as we already mentioned this is often mistaken for a lice infestation. This being said, there are certain signs and symptoms that one can look out for which could indicate to having this disease.

One pretty fail safe way to go about it would be to go in for a professional lice screening to make certain that you are free of lice. If you come out clean and still feel like you have something on you, it would make sense to visit a doctor or specialist in the field.


Morgellon’s Disease can be a tough thing to live with but with the right support and care like many other ailments can be overcome. Just remember, if you’ve been screened for lice and that isn’t it, best see a doctor and get checked!

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