Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections: Are They Worth It?

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Written by Nancy

The trend of Platelet-rich plasma therapy has been catching up. But why exactly are PRP treatments the talk of the town? Made popular by professional athletes, PRP is a sought-after treatment for joint injuries.

Simply put, PRP treatment utilizes the body’s natural healing process by injecting a concentration of the individual’s own platelets into the troubled cells and damaged ligaments to accelerate the healing process. Since the platelets are rich in healing factors, injured individuals can revert to a pain-free lifestyle within four to six weeks.

Benefits of PRP treatment

Traditional PRP pain injections present patients with a long lasting alternative which is why PRP treatments have gained traction. However, the effectiveness of the treatment is dependent on the severity of the injury.

Naturally –induced treatment

Since PRP injections extract the patient’s own blood and inject the plasma back into the troubled area, there is no use of pharmaceutical chemicals. The procedure is natural and carries only a few risks. The patient’s body responds to the concentrated injection of blood platelets the same way it would respond to an injury.


Treats unresponsive, chronic issues

PRP therapy is increasingly used to heal injuries that did not heal as intended — resulting in chronic pain over a period of time. This is where the platelet-rich plasma kick starts and revives the natural healing process of the body in that area.

Therefore, individuals that battle with relentless chronic pain find relief in PRP therapy that triggers the halted recovery process.

Applications of PRP injections

Experts continue to try out PRP therapy across a number of applications to help patients. Some of them are:

Tendon injuries:

Tendons are thick tissue bands that connect muscle to bone. The healing process of these tendons is slow after injuries. PRP injections are used to treat chronic tendon issues like Achilles tendonitis, jumper’s knee or tennis elbow.

Acute sports injuries

Athletes seek out PRP injections for acute injuries like pulled hamstrings and knee sprains to get back in the game quicker!

Postsurgical repairs

PRP injections are even used post surgery to repair torn tendons like the rotator cuff tendon or ligaments like ACL to accelerate the healing process in patients.

In conclusion

PRP therapy is sworn by world-famous celebrities due to its naturally healing properties, limited side effects and non-invasive nature. If you’re looking for a leading institute that provides Stem cell and PRP therapy services then check out the Foot and Ankle institute in Miami. They diagnose patients suffering from chronic pain in foot and ankle to devise customized treatment plans for faster recovery. Contact them now to schedule an appointment!

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