Post-Baby Body – What You Should Expect after Birth

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Written by Nancy

From bigger breasts and soreness to that overwhelming wave of exhaustion, you’ve been informed about anything and everything that happens after you’ve given birth.

Yet, there’s so much more that new mothers don’t know about.

Aside from the more common factors, your body goes through a cacophony of emotions and bodily changes.

We’re listing some of changes down here that may indeed surprise you!

The Belly Bulge

Your stomach doesn’t go down to its former size immediately after your baby is born. It takes 6–8 weeks for your uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size.

During this time, maintain your diet and a good exercise regime, focusing on your belly so you can tone down your stomach. Wear stylish maternity clothes instead of baggy maternity clothes.

Different Shoe Sizes

Your swelling will go down eventually, but it might leave you with a different foot size. According to different studies, an average woman gains between 25 to 35 pounds during the nine months of pregnancy. That additional weight affects not just your whole body but your feet as well. In some cases, this weight can flatten the arch of your foot.


A hormone called relaxin is released to prepare you for childbirth. It relaxes the muscle ligaments in your whole body, not just your pelvis. That makes the weight shift permanent.

Hair Loss

Some women have healthier, glossier hair during pregnancy because of higher estrogen levels which keep their hair from falling out.

After pregnancy, when estrogen levels start to drop, your hair may catch up and start falling. There’s no need to worry since this is just a temporary shift. While hair loss does peak in the first five months, it returns to normal within the next 6 months.

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Different Cup Sizes

Contrary to popular belief, your breasts won’t stay big after you give birth. Yes, they will maintain their fullness during your pregnancy and when you breastfeed. But once you stop, you may drop a cup size or two. It’s also not uncommon for your breasts to sag as well. But this isn’t related to breastfeeding. In fact, saggy breasts are more related to your diet and a higher BMI.

Maintaining Your Comfort

Giving birth is a unique experience. You may feel exhausted afterwards.

Focus on your comfort at this point.

Take a long bath when you can; get as much sleep as possible; wear maternity clothes that flatter your body and make you feel good; be kind to yourself!

Your body has just gone through a great deal. Enjoy these days. Your little one will grow up too fast. You’ll see a great change in your mood if you just let yourself be happy during these happier days.

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